HMS Deldalus, Lee-on -Solent                                     RNAS Hatston 22 June 1941

By the end of the World War 2 the strength of the Fleet Air Arm was: 59 aircraft carriers, 3,700 aircraft, 72,000 officers and men and 56 air stations all over the world.

FAA Archive 1939-1945 Air Stations in the UK

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Fleet Air Arm & Royal Navy Air Stations - USA

See the Daedalus Virtual Aviation Heritage Area and Museum website

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A-Z Directory for the Air Stations used by the Fleet Air Arm, Commmonwealth and worldwide Naval Aviation

At the close of 1918 the Royal Naval Air Servive continued its naval patrols from 126 coastal air stations. Following the merging into the RAF these were lost to the Royal Navy. However with the establishment of the Fleet Air Arm in 1937, the Royal Navy again was able to use its own air stations, howver for much of the war the FAA had to lease RAF Air Stations, many of which were former RNAS stations. The following includes both Royal Naval Air Stations and RAF bases leased by the FAA.


Aberdour, Fife, Scotland (1939-1940)

HQ Rear Admiral (SM)

Abbotsinch (HMS Sanderling), Abbotsinch, Scotland (1932-1963, current BAA Glasgow International Airport)

Used by the FAA from 1939 and commissioned on lodger basis in 1940. Transferred from RAF No 17 Group and commissioned as HMS Sanderling 1943. Its main functions were RN Aircraft Maintenaince Yard and  Reserve Aircraft Storage. Paid off in 1963 and became a civil airport. Now Glasgow Airport

Aldergrove (RAF Aldergrove), Aldergrove, Co Antrim Northern Ireland (1918-1978, now Belfast International Airport)

Operational as Fighter Command/Closed 12-1919 but used annually for exercises/Operational 15-5-1925/Airport 26-9-1963

Almondbank Perth (-current?)

RN Aircraft Workshop Still open 1992+?

Angle (HMS Goldcrest), Angle, Pembrokeshire, Wales (1941-1945)

Operational RAF Fighter Command. Tarnsferred from RAF No 10 group in 1943 and commissioned as HMS Goldcrest returned to RAF No 19 Group late 1943.

Anthorn (HMS Nuthatch), Anthorn, Cumberland, England (1944-1958, current NATO Radio station)

Aircraft receipt and dispatch unit.

Arbroath (HMS Condor), Arbroath, Scotland (1940-1971 then to taken over by RM as RM Condor Barracks)

Base for No 2 Observers School and Deck Landing Training School, and later Naval Air Signals School. Paid off 1971.

?Ardrishlaig, RNAS Culdrose (HMS Seahawk)(?-current RNAS)

Ayr (HMS Wagtail), Ayr, Scotland (1941-1957)

Operational RAF Fighter Command No 13 Group, joined by USAAF 6-1943 to 11-1943. Transferred on loan to Navy and commissioned 1944. Paid off 1946. SAF 1951-1957. Used by FAA as air station for disembarking squadrons, an FRU, calibration flight, bombardment spotting school, and communications squadron.

Balado Bridge (RAF Balado Bridge) Balado Bridge, Kinross, Scotland (1942-1944)

RAF Fighter Command Satellite to Grangemouth/Transferred to War Department 3-11-1944 20/3/1942 RAF left 6-1944; Scrapping yard for FAA aircraft postwar now a Radio Station

Ballyhalbert (HMS Corncake), Ballyhalbert, Co Down, Northern Ireland (1941-1945)

Operational RAF Fighter Command, joined by USAAF autumn 1942. Was used by FAA as lodger facilities from RAF Northern Ireland. Transferred to Admiralty and commissioned 1945. Used for No 4 Naval Air Fighter School. Paid off end 1945.

Ballykelly (HMS Sealion), Ballykelly, Londonderry, Co Down, Northern Ireland (1945-1971)

Was used by FAA as lodger facilities from RAF Northern Ireland. From 1945 the naval section was attached to HMS Sealion, the joint anti-submarine school.

Beccles (HMS Hornbill II) Beccles, England (?)

Occasional lodger facilities from RAF No 16 Group, under the books of HMS Hornbill.

Bedhampton Camp (HMS Daedalus III) Lee-on-Solent/Bedhampton (1943-1947)

Non airfield satellite of Lee-on-Solent used till 1946. Closed 1947.

Belfast, also called Sydenham (HMS Gadwall), Sydenham, Belfast, Northern Ireland (1933-1978 current civil airport, Belfast Airport)

Operational as RAF Belfast 1941, when FAA had lodger facilities under books of HMS Caroline. Joined by USAAF 1943 to 1944. Transferred to Admiralty and commissioned late 1943 as HMS Gadwell. Used by FAA for disembarking squadrons, and housed RN Aircraft Maintenance Yard. Was responsible for shipping aircraft overseas, and had a berth alongside for escort carriers. Reverted to RAF in 1973.

Benbecula (dates?)

Occasional lodger facilities from RAF No 15 Group.

Benson (postwar)

Occasional lodger facilities from RAF Transport Command by RNVR squadrons.

Bircham Newton (RAF Bircham Newton) East Anglia, England (1916-1962)

Lodger facilities for FAA squadrons operating with RAF Coastal Command No 16 Group.

An A-Z of Aircraft Profiles by FAUCONBERG AEROGRAPHICS includingBRISTOL BLENHEIM Mk.IVF, 235 Squadron, Royal Air Force, Bircham Newton, Norfolk, October 1940

Bootle, Cumberland  (dates?)

FAA aircrew reception centre in Cumberland.

Boscombe Down (A&AEE RAF Boscombe Down) Boscombe Down, England (1917-current as RAF Boscombe Down). DERA in World War II (Boscombe Down)

Operational RAF air station 1930. Aircraft and Aeroplane Experimental Establishment AAEE 1939. C Naval Flight was responsible for testing naval aircraft. Also lodged the Empire Test Pilots School from 1944.

Bramcote (HMS Gamecock)(1945/46-1958)

Lodger facilities under RAF No 4 Group, attached to HMS Godwit. Commissioned 1946.

Bratton (1943-1944)

Training facilities to RNAS Hinstock (HMS Godwit) from RAF No 21 Group.

Brawdy (RAF Brawdy/HMS Crest) Brawdy (1944-current by RAF and USN)

RAF Meteorological station and PR training beginning 1945. Commissioned HMS Goldcrest beginning 1946. Paid of 1976 and reverted to RAF/Joined by US Navy Oceanographic Research Unit.

Brockworth, England. (1915-1964 all civil)

Aircraft factory joined by Aircraft Acceptance Park 1917/Gloster Aircraft Co Ltd 11-1926/Sold 1964 to Gloucester Trading Estates Ltd

Brough, UK (civil 1939-?Current)

Brough Flying Training 11-1939 too 6-1945 1939 Commerical aerodrome before, during and after the Second World War. FAirey swordfish and other aircraft constructed at Brough.

Bungay, also called Flixton (HMS Europa) Bungay, Flixton, England  (1945-1946)

Commissioned in September 1945, on transfer from RAF No 42 Group, as satellite of HMS Europa at RN Lowestoft.

Burscough (HMS Ringtail), Burscough, England (1943-1946)

Commissioned 1943 for radar training and disembarking squadrons.

Bush Barn (Satellite landing ground) Bush Barn, England (1944-1945)

Ministry of Aircraft Production satellite landing ground, transferred to the Admiralty in 1944 for reserve aircraft storage from HMS Kestrel, Worthy Down.

Calshot (RAF Calshot) Calshot, Hampshire, England (1913-1961)

RNAS School of Naval Cooperation and Aerial Navigation 1919, RAF 1922, used by Floatplane Swordfish of Gosport 1938/1939. Maintenance Unit 1947

Campbeltown (HMS Landrail), Campbeltown, Scotland (1940-1945)

Requisitioned February 1940 from civil aerodrome by Admiralty, borne on books of HMS Merlin, Donibristle. Commissioned 1941.

Charlton Horethorne (HMS Heron II), Charlton Horethorne, Cornwall (1942-1945)

Lodger facilities with RAF No 10 Group, commissioned in 1943, a Yeovilton satellite. Paid off 1945, then used Navy/RAF Storage

Christchurch (FAA lodger facilities), Christchurch, England (-1945)

Lodger facilities for a Naval Air Section, with accounts on HMS Raven. Used by Naval Radio Installation Unit.

Cluntoe (RAF Cluntoe), Cluntoe, Northern Ireland (1942-1955 RAF, Transferred to Royal Navy as Reserve Station)

Care & Maintenance, USAAF30-8-1943, Operational  RAF 1944 till closed 1945. Station in reserve for Royal Navy from 1947. On books HMS Gannet.

Cowdray Park (naval aircraft storage facility) Cowdray Park, Midhurst, Sussex, England (1941-1945)

Requisitioned private aerodrome in 1941 as naval aircraft storage facility for  obsolote aircraft of Lee-on-Solent. Care and Maintenance after VE Day.

Crail (HMS Jackdraw), Crail, Scotland (1940-1947, to RN as HMS Bruce)

Commissioned in 1940 for FAA torpedo training courses.

The following profiles are offered by Scott Fraser, owner of Tally Ho! decalsAvenger I, JZ150, 711 Sqd, RNAS Crail, 1945

Culcheth (HMS Ariel) Culcheth, UK (1942-1952)

Commissioned 1942 for air radio maintenance training, and subsequently became Air Electrical School.

Culdrose (HMS Seahawk)(1947-current RNAS Culdrose)

Commissioned 1947 for first and second line squadrons.

Culham (HMS Hornbill), Culham, England (1944-1953)

Commissioned 1944 as No 2 Aircraft Receipt and Despatch Unit.

Culmhead (RAF Culmhead) Culmhead/Church Stanton, England (date?)

Occasional lodger facilities from RAF No 10 Group.

Dalcross, Scotland (1940-1947, current Inverness Airport)

Operational/Closed for Refurbishment winter 1940, RAF Air gunner training 7-1941, joined by RAF Flying Training 4-1942, HQ 13 Group 15-4-1946, joined by Inverness Airport 1947.

Dale (HMS Goldcrest) Dale, England (1943-1948)

Commissioned 1943 on transfer from RAF No 19 Group, and used as the RN Aircraft Direction Centre air station.

Dallachy (RN) Dallachy, Scotland (1943-1958)

Navy /RAF operational 1943-1945, transferred to Army although used for Simulated bombing by Lossiemouth units until 1958.

Dalton (RAF Dalton) UK (1941-1945)

Dalton Satellite to Topcliffe/Closed for reconstruction 31-8-1942/Satellite to Topcliffe 11-1942/RCAF 1-1-1943/RAF Training 11-12-1943 (with RACF personnel) 11/1941 End 1945

Dale (HMS Goldcrest), Dale, England (1942-1947)

Operational/Royal Navy 5-9-1943 1/6/1942 RAF left 5/9/1943; Airfield closed 13/12/1947

Defford (RN air section) Defford, England (date?)

RN Air section attached to Telecommunications Flying Unit

Detling (RAF Detling), Detling, Kent, England (1916-1956)

Originally RNAS/RAF 1918-1919. Operational RAF Fighter Command 14-9-1938. Lodger facilities when FAA squadrons attached to RAF No 16 Group in 1940-1941. RAF regiment 1945, Signals 1946. Gliding School End 1946-1955/Army co-op 1955

Digby (RAF Digby), Digby, Lincs, England (1918-current RAF plus museum?)

Training Airfield, operational RAF 1937. Occasional FAA 1940-1941. Operational 1941 by RCAF. RAF 1945.

BRISTOL BLENHEIM Mk.IF, 229 Squadron, Royal Air Force, Digby, Lincolnshire, January 1940

An A-Z of Aircraft Profiles by FAUCONBERG AEROGRAPHICS, including SUPERMARINE SPITFIRE Mk. I, 611 Squadron, Royal Air Force, Digby, Lincolnshire, February 1940

Docking (RAF Docking) Docking, UK (1942-1944)

Lodger facilities to FAA squadrons from RAF No 16 Group 1942-1944.

Donibristle (HMS Merlin), Donibristle, Scotland (1917-1959)

First became naval air station in 1917 (RNAS).  Landing ground RAF 1918. Care & Maintenance 1921. Disembarked carrier aircraft 1925. Commissioned as HMS Merlin 1939. Used by many front line and second line squadrins, by Communications squadron, by RN aircraft Repair Yard (RNARY). At end war housed Office Flag Officer Carrier training. Paid off 1959.

The following profiles are offered by Scott Fraser, owner of Tally Ho! decalsAvenger II, JZ490, HMS Merlin a/c pool, June 1944

Dounreay (RN) (HMS Tern II) Dounreay, Scotland (1944-1954)

Transferred to Admiralty in 1944, as satellite of Twatt. Care & Maintenance 1949, Air Ministry 1954. Now Dounreay Power Station

Drem (HMS Nighthawk), Drem, Scotland (1916-1946)

Originally RFC airfield/RAF 1918-1919. Operational by RAF 1933. Lodger facilities to FAA by RAF No 13 Group, transferred to Admiralty as Donibristle satellite in 1944. On books of HMS Merlin, RN Air Section operating the FAA Night Fighter School and an FRU. Commissioned finally as HMS Nighthawk in 1945, paid off and returned to RAF 1946.

Dundee (HMS Condor II), Dundee, Scotland (1941-1944)

Commissioned 1941, as satellite seaplane base of Arbroath. Paid off 1944.  Care & Maintenance 1944.

Dundonald (RN) Dundonald, Scotland (1940-1945)

Relief Landing ground to Prestwick/Operational 1943/Care & Maintenance 2-9-1944/Emergency landing ground Navy and Army lodged for brief periods/War Department 3-6-1945

Dunino (RAF Dunino/HMS Jackdraw II), Dunino, Scotland (1941-1945)

Operational/Navy 15-12-1942 (HMS Jackdaw II) 8/5/1941 RAF left 15/12/1942; Base transferred to Royal Navy FAA

East Haven (HMS Peewit), East Haven, Scotland

Eastleigh (HMS Raven), Eastleigh, England (1919-1946. Current BAA Southampton Airport)

USN base/RAF 10-4-1919-1920. 1920; Airfield used to fly prototype Spitfire and then went into service as HMS Raven until 4/1946

Eglington (HMS Gannet), Eglinton, County Londonderry, Northern Ireland (1941, now civil Eglington Flying Club airfield)

Operational/USAAF 7-1942/RAF Fighter Command, Royal Navy 1-5-1943 (HMS Gannet)/Closed 4-1959/Partially reopened as HMS Eagle 9-1966. Now Eglington Flying Club airfield.

Evanton (HMS Fieldfare), Evanton, Scotland (1937-1947)

Armament Training/Operational 9-1939/Joined by Bomb Storage early 1940/Care & Maintenance 26-8-1944/Royal Navy 1-9-1944 (HMS Fieldfare)/Spasmodic civil use after 12-1947

Exeter (1937-1947, currently Exeter International Airport)

Exeter Airport/Training/AAEE 3-6-1940 & RAF Operational 6-1940/USAAF 15-4-1944/Civil Aviation use 1-1-1947

Falmouth (1914-1942)

(Flying Boat base)Operational intermittently/Emergency base 1930s/Operational 1939/Care & Maintenance 11-1939

Farnborough ( Royal Aircraft Establishment RAF Farnborough), Farnborough, England (1900-1912-current). RAE now DERA FARNBOROUGH

Airship base/RFC 13-5-1912/RAF (Royal Aircraft Establishment) Factory 4-1918/. Only Experimental Flying still takes place here, although a defence flight operated from here during World War 2.

Also see Farnborough Air Sciences Trust Association

Fearn (HMS Owl), Fearn, Scotland (1941-1946)

Operational/RoyalNavy 15-7-1942 (HMS Owl)/Care & Maintenance 2-7-1946/Satellite for Dalcross

Felixstowe (MAEE RAF Felixstowe), Felixstowe, East Anglia, England (1935-1962)

Filton (1915-1958, now BAe Filton)

Bristol Aircraft works throughout; RFC field/Aircraft Acceptance Park 1915?/RAF Reserve School 15-5-1923/Ferry Pilot Pool 1-1939/Operational 8-1940/Overseas Aircraft Preparation Unit 12-1942/Ministry of Supply 7-8-1946 with RAF units present

Ford, HMS Peregrine, Ford, England (1918-1960s)

RFC/RAF 4-1918/Closed 1-1920/Civil Aircraft factory 1930/RAF Training 1-12-1937/Transferred to Admiralty as HMS Peregrine until 30-9-1940/RAF Operational 30-9-1940- 31/7/1945; Transferred back to Admiralty as HMS Peregrine, no further RAF use.

BRISTOL BLENHEIM Mk.IF, 23 Squadron, Royal Air Force, Ford, Sussex, January 1941

DOUGLAS HAVOC Mk.I (Intruder), 23 Squadron, Royal Air Force, Ford, Sussex, March 1941

DOUGLAS HAVOC Mk.I (Intruder), 23 Squadron, Royal Air Force, Ford, Sussex, September 1941

Fraserburgh (RN), Fraserburgh, Scotland (1941-1945)

Satellite of Peterhead/Joined by FAA lodgers from 8-12-1941/Training 18-5-1942/Care & Maintenance 9-3-1943

Gosport (RAF Gosport/HMS Daedalus/HMS Ariel), Gosport, Hampshire, England (1913-1964 current)

RFC Airfield/RAF 1-4-1918/Torpedo School 6-1919/Training 5-1938/Joined by FAA Storage and Maintenance 4-1940.

Greenock (RAF), Greenock, Scotland (till 1945, then civil till 1950)

Pre-war seaplane base/Flying boat maintenance base 10-10-1940/Care & Maintenance 8-1945

Grimsetter (HMS Robin), Grimsetter, Orkney Islands (1940-1945, current Kirkwall Airport)

FAA and RAF Fighter Command from 1940.

Guernsey, Channel Islands (1923-1960, current Guernsey Airport)

Flying Boat Operations/Airfield opened 1-5-1939/Care & Maintenance 8-1939, Operational 6-9-1939/Captured 1-7-1940/Liberated 9-5-1945/Redeveloped 1960

Haldon (HMS Heron II), Haldon, England

Hamble (RAF Hamble), Hamble, Hampshire, England (1913-1977)

RANS/RAF Training and Aircraft Assembly factory 4-1918 with UAS facilities as well. Major factory for Fairey aviation.

Hatston (HMS Sparrowhawk), Hatston, Orkney Islands (1939-1945)

HMS Sparrowhawk was one of the main Fleet Air Arm Air Stations of WW2 commissioned in 1939. Its value lay in being far from enemy attacks and being close to the Home Fleet at Scapa Flow. Brief RAF detachment 4-1940 to 5-1940/Joined by USN 4-1942/Kirkwall Aiport postwar/Orkney Flying Club 1953 to 1957

Heathrow (Fairey Avation Co, Heathrow), Heathrow, Middlesex, England (1930-current civil London Heathrow Airport). London heathrow history

Fairey Company Airfield/Requisitioned/Airport

Henstridge (HMS Dipper), Henstridge, England

Hinstock (HMS Godwit), Hinstock, England

Holton (HMS Sparrowhawk), East Anglia

Inskip (HMS Nightjar), Inskip, England

Jersey, Channel Islands (1937-1945, current Jersey Airport)

Airport/RNAS 5-1940/Captured 1-7-1940/Liberated 9-5-1945 and RAF present/Airport 10-1945

Kemble (1938-1983)

Aircraft Storage, test and delivery centre

Kirkistown (HMS Corncrake II), Kirkistown, Northern Ireland (1941-1945)

Satellite to Ballyhalbert/Royal Navy 14-7-1945 (HMS Corncake II)/RAF 15-1-1946

Kirkwall (HMS Robin) Kirkwall, Orkney Islands (1940-1945-current Kirkwall airport-

Operational/Royal Navy 24-4-1943 (HMS Robin)/RAF 31-7-1945/Kirkwall Airport

Langham, East Anglia, England (1940-1962)

Operational FAA/Join by RAF-1942/Care & Maintenance 9-1947/Operational 23-3-1953/Emergency Landing ground.

Lawrenny Ferry (HMS Daedalus II), Lawrenny Ferry, Wales (1942-1943)

HMS Daedalus II Lawrenny Ferry, Pembrokeshire RNAS 1/2/1942 Care & Maintenance 24/10/1943

Lee-on-Solent (HMS Daedalus), Lee-on-Solent, England (1917-1996)

HMS Daelalus was the headquarters of the Fleet Air Arm from well before WW2 until it was finally paid off in 1996. It started life as a RNAS Seaplane training base, being transferred to the fledgling RAF on 1 April 1918. It was important as a Floatplane Training Flight from February 1930 when it was transferred to the Admiralty as HMS Daedulus. It was renamed Ariel on 31 October 1959, and reverted to Daedalus in 1965. The RAF maintained a SAR base at Lee-on-Solent from February 1973. HMS Daedulus was paid off on 29 March 1996.

See the Daedalus Virtual Aviation Heritage Area and Museum website

Leysdown, (RAF Leysdown), Leysdown, S England (1909-1978)

Naval Flying school/RAF 4-1918/Armament School 1919

Leuchars (RAF Leuchars), Leuchars, Scotland (1911-current RAF)

Balloon station/RFC 1914/RNAS 1918/RAF Operational 4-1918. Used as No 1 Flying Training school for FAA pilots pre-war.

RAF Leuchars website - history summary

The following trained in 1937 at Leuchars - FRY Flight Lieutenant Charles Horace Fry DFC, RAF no. 40047, RAAF no. 267607

Limavardy, RAF Limavardy), Limavardy, Northern Ireland (1940-1945)

Testing/Operational 27-1-1941

An A-Z of Aircraft Profiles by FAUCONBERG AEROGRAPHICS including GENERAL MOTORS WILDCAT Mk.V, 852 Squadron, Royal Naval Air Service, H.M.S. Nabob, May 1944 , GENERAL MOTORS WILDCAT Mk. V, 846 Squadron, Royal Naval Air Service, Limavady, County Antrim, June 1944

Long Kesh (RAF Long Kesh), Lomg Kesh, Northern Ireland (1940-1946)

Operational 11/1941 1946; Gliding Club then Prison

Lossiemouth (RAF Lossiemouth), Lossiemouth, Scotland (1939-current RAF)

Flying School and Operational/Royal Navy 2-7-1946/RAF 29-9-1972

Ludham (HMS Flycatcher), Ludham, England (1941-1945)

RAF Satellite of Coltishall/Operational 12-1941/vacated 4-8-1943/RAF 22-2-1945

Luton (1938-current all as civil London Luton Airport)

Civil Airport/RAF Training Station/Production & Testing field/Luton Airport

Lympne (HMS Buzzard, HMS Daedalus II), Lympne, Kent, England (1916-1946 civil current?)

RFC Emergency Landing ground/RAF School of Air Gunnery 1-1917/RAF 4-1918/Civil Aviation 3-1920 with hangers as MOD storage/Short Bros test facility 1920/RAF summer use 1926/Civil aviation 1927/Operational 28-10-1936/Care & Maintenance 1-10-1938/Transferred to Admiralty as HMS Buzzard 2-7-1939; re-named HMS Daedalus 3/4/1940 Transferred RAF 5/1940/Joined by Operational units 6-1942

Machrihanish (HMS Landrail), Machrihanish, Scotland

MacMerry (HMS Nighthawk), MacMerry, Scotland (1929-1946)

Flying Club/Operational 1941/Joined by USAAF 15-10-1943 to early 1944/Joined by FAA 30-12-1943/Transferred to Royal Navy 6-6-1945/RAF 1-12-1945/Flying Club 31-8-1946 to 1953

Manston (RAF Manston), Manston, Kent, England (1916-1999)MUSEUM

RFC Airfield/Joined by RNAS 1917/RAF-1918/School of Technical Training 10-1919/Joined by Air Navigation School 1-7-1935/Operational 15-11-1939/2nd TAF 2-1944/RAF & Civil Aviation 1-4-1946/USAF 10-1956/RAF 30-6-1958/Care & Maintenance 1-8-1958/Operational 28-3-1959/ Joined by SAR 3-1961 to 1969/Joined by SAR again 1964. Closed 31/3/1999. The History of RAF Manston

BRISTOL BLENHEIM Mk. IF, 600 Squadron, Royal Air Force, Manston, Kent, August 1940

GLOSTER METEOR F. Mk.I, 616 Squadron, Royal Air Force, Manston, Kent, July 1944

Marham (RAF Marham), East Anglia, England (1915-current RAF Marham)

RFC/RAF 4-1918/Vacated-1918/Operational 1-4-1937/Join by USAF units in 1947

Martlesham Heath (RAF Martlesham Heath) Martlesham Heath, Suffolk, England (1917-1962)

Operational/Joined by USAAF 1943 to 5/1945

Maydown (HMS Shrike), Maydown, County Londonderry, Northern Ireland (1942-1949)

Satellite to RAF Eglinton/Royal Navy 1-5-1943 (HMS Shrike) then HMS Gannet II 9-1945. 1/5/1943; RN base closed 1949

Merryfield (RAF Merryfield) Merryfield, Somerset, England (1943 - current with Royal Navy)

Used by RAF Fighter Command 1943.

Methven (RAF) Methven, Scotland (1941-1944)

Storage/Operational 7-1942

Middle Wallop (HMS Flycatcher), Middle Wallop, England (1940-1958 to AAC)

Flying School/Operational 8-1940/USAAF 8-1943/Royal Navy 16-2-1945(HMS Fletcher)/RAF 10-4-1946/joined by AAC 1-1948

Milltown (HMS Fulmar II), Milltown, Scotland (1943-1972)

Satellite/Royal Navy 2-7-1946 (HMS Fulmar II)/RAF 9-1972/Gliding School 3-1977

Moreton Vallence (1939-1946)

Training/Joined by Gloster Aircraft 1943/Satellite of South Cerney/Gliding School 12-1945

Mount Batten (1917-current RAF Mount Batten)

RNAS flying boat & seaplane base/RAF 4-1918/Storage 5-1919/Closed 3-1922/RAF 9-1928/Care & Maintenance 5-11-1945/Storage 1-1-1946/Training base 1953

Needs Oar Point (1943-1946)

Operational. 11-1944; Used by Royal Navy for storage up to 1946 although parts returned to farming immediately.

Netheravon (1912-1963)

Air Battalion of the Army/RFC 6-1913/RAF 4-1918 as Training airfield/RAF Police HQ 30-11-1950 to 1962/AAC 1957

North Coates (RAF North Coates, also ex called RAF North Cotes), North Cotes, Lincolnshire, England (1918-current airfield)

Operational/Closed 6-1919/Bomber practice airfield 1927/operational 1935/Non-flying occupations 1945/SAE 1956/SAM site 1976/No longer Operational. Used by North Coates Flying Club.

History of NorthCoates by North Coates Flying Club

An A-Z of Aircraft Profiles by FAUCONBERG AEROGRAPHICS including BRISTOL BLENHEIM Mk.IVF, 248 Squadron, Royal Air Force, North Coates, Lincolnshire, March 1940

Nutts Corner (HMS Pintail), Nutts Corner, Northern Ireland (1941-1946, now BELFAST AIRPORT)

Operational/USAAF 7-1943/Royal Navy 9-7-1945 (HMS Pintail)/RAF 1-4-1946

Odiham (RAF Odiham), Odiham, S England (1924-current RAF Odiham)

Operational Landing Ground/Reconstructed 1934/Army co-op 3-12-1936/RCAF 20-1945/RAF 28-6-1946/Care & Maintenance 1959/RAF Transport command 15-2-1960/Army support squadron 1965.

Old Sarum (1917-1971 to Army)

Operational/Army cooperation School 1920/Also Operational 4-1924/School of Air Support 2-1944/School of Land/Air Warfare 5-1947/Joint Warfare Tactical Development Unit 1-4-1963

Pembroke Dock (RAF 1930-1957 then to Admiralty)

Operational flying boat station/Care & Maintenance 31-3-1957 1/1/1930 31/3/1957; Transferred to Admiralty

Penhill St (HMS Daedalus II) Old Bank House, Penhill St (1940)

RN aircraft Training Establishment 5/1940 Paid Off 31/1/194

Peplow (HMS Godwit II), Peplow, England (1941-1946)

Peplow Relief Landing Ground for Tern Hill/Reconstructed late 1942/Operational 7-1943/Glider Training 28-10-1944 1941 Transferred to Admiralty Early 1945; Closed end of 1946

Perranporth, Cornwall (1941-1946, current civil Cornish Gliding Club)

Satellite for Portreath/Joined by FAA 1944/Care & Maintenance 1-9-1944/Operational 11-1944/Care & Maintenance 1-5-1945/ATC Gliding School 6-1945. 6-4-1946; Commercial airfield 1950 but closed 1952; Now in use by Cornish Gliding Club.

Peterhead (RN/RAF) Peterhead, Scotland (1941-1945)

Operational/Joined by FAA 31-1-1942

Portreath (1941-current RAF Portreath)

Operational/joined by USAAF 10-1942/Closed 8-10-1945/Care & Maintenance 7-1946/Closed 5-1950 to Ministry of Supply/GCI radar station 7-1978/RAF 1-10-1980

Portsmouth (1932-1946)

Municipal airport/Aircraft Factory 1934 to mid 1960s/ATC Gliding school 10-1943. ATC left 6/1946; No further forces involvement

Predannack (RAF 1941-1/6/1946; In Use Royal Navy)

Satellite for Portreath/Care & Maintenance 1-6-1946/Vickers Ltd 1951/FAA 15-12-1958/RN Fire Fighting School 1971

Prestwick (HMS Gannet), Prestwick, Scotland (1936-1966, Current Glasgow Prestwick International Airport)

Prestwick Airport & RAF Training/Operational 16-12-1939 to 14-4-1940/Ferry Pool 1942/Prestwick Airport and Private aviation postwar/USAF 1951/Royal Navy 1966 (HMS Gannet)

Rattray Head (HMS Merganser), Rattray Head(Crimond), Scotland

Ringway (Fairey/Manchester Airport), Manchester, Cheshire, England (1938-1957, current Manchester International Airport)

Manchester Airport/Operational 7-1941/Joined by Central Landing School 21-6-1940, later Central Landing Establishment (9-1940)/Commerical ops recommenced 6-1946 25/6/1938 RAF left 1957; Now Manchester Airport. Manchester airport history also see other web    History of Manchester Airport

Roborough, Plymouth, Devon, England (1923-1946, now Plymouth Airport)

Plymouth aerodrome/Joined by RAF 1939-1946/Civil flying 1946/ joined by FAA 1961/RM Commandoes 4-1967/Army 8-1968 to early 1972

An A-Z of Aircraft Profiles by FAUCONBERG AEROGRAPHICS including GLOSTER GLADIATOR Mk.II, 247 Squadron, Royal Air Force, Roborough, Devonshire, November 1940

HAWKER HURRICANE I, 249 Squadron, Royal Air Force, Roborough, Devonshire, February 1941

Ronaldsway (HMS Urley), Ronaldsway, Isle of Man (1929-1946, current Isle of Man Airport)

Ronaldsway(Isle of Man) Commercial Airport/AA gunnery school 9-5-1942 1929 Transferred to Royal Navy 21-6-1944 as HMS Urley; Closed 1946 and reverted to Civil use. See the Isle of Man Airport website for a detailed history including information about RNAS Ronaldsway.andHMS Urley

Sandbanks (HMS Daedalus II) Sandbanks,Isle of Man Dorset. (1940-1943)

HMS Daedalus II Sandbanks, Dorset RNAS 26/4/1940 Care & Maintenance 9/10/1943

St Angelo (HMS Pintail), St Angelo, Northern Ireland (1941-1947, Enniskillen airport current

Operational/USAAF 7-1943/Royal Navy 9-7-1945 (HMS Pintail)/RAF 1-4-1946

St Davids (RAF St Davids) St Davids, Wales (1943-1946)

Operational and diversion airfield for USN/Care & Maintenance 1-11-1945 9/1943 Transferred to Royal Navy 1-1-1946 with RAF relief function

St Eval (RAF St Eval), St Eval, England (1939-1959)

Operational/USAAF 10-1942/RAF late 1944?/Care & Maintenance 6-3-1959/ATC

WESTLAND WHIRLWIND Mk. I, 263 Squadron, Royal Air Force, St. Eval, Cornwall, March 1941

St Mawgan (RAF St Mawgan) St Mawgan, England (1943-current RAF St Mawgan)

AAC/USAAF 6-1943/RAF 8-1945/Care & Maintenance 1-7-1947/School of Maritime Reconnaissance 4-1951/Joined by FAA 6-1954

St Merryn (HMS Vulture), St Merryn, England

Sandbanks (HMS Daedalus II), Sandbanks, England

Sealand (RAF Sealand), Sealand, UK (1918-1963, current gliding school)

Operational/Joined by training 15-7-1918/Packing Depot 23-5-1929 to postwar/Joined by Aircraft Storage Unit 2-12-1935/Operational summer 1940/Joined by Training 21-1-1941/USAF 1945/Storage 1-2-1959/Gliding School 3-1963

Sherburn-in-Elmet, Yorkshire, England (1914-1945), current civil)

RFC/RAF Air Acceptance Park/Closed 1919/Yorkshire Aeroplane Club 1924/RAF 1939/Aircraft Factory early 1940/Joined by Airborne Force Experimental Establishment 7-1942/Ferry Pool throughout war 1914? 1945?; Returned to civil airfield

Skaebrae (RNAS Skaebrae), Skaebrae, Orkney Islands (1940-1947)

Opened in 15/8/1940 FAA/Operational 1941?/C & M 1945

Skitton (RAF/RN) Skitton, Caithness, Scotland (1940-1945)

Operational/Joined by FAA 7-1-1941 to 10-2-1941

Speke (RAF Speke), Speke, Lancs, UK (1930-1944, current Liverpool International Airport). The History of Liverpool Airport

Civilian Airport/Joined by RAF Operational 5-1936/Requisitioned 9-1939/Civil Airport 10-7-1944/Maintenance 1950s with Airwork Ltd 7/1930 1961; Now Civil Airport

Staverton (1936-1950)

Civil Aerodrome/Training 1937/RAF Training 10-9-1939/Closed 8-1946/RAF Police 6-1948

Stornaway (HMS Mentor II), Stornoway, Western Islands (1934-current NATO)

Civil flying/Operational 4-1941/Ministry of Aviation 1946/RAF 1973

Stretton (HMS Blackcap), Stretton, England

Sullom Voe, Shetland Islands (1939-1952)

Operational RAF /C & M 1946/Operational 1952(Operation Mainbrace)

Sumburgh, Shetland Islands (1933-1945-current as airport)

Airport/Reconstructed 1939/Operational RAF 13-5-1940/C & M 29-8-1945/Airport 1947

Swinfield, (RAF Swinfield), Swinfield, S England (1916-1945)

RFC Airfield/RAF 4-1818/Closed 1919/FAA operating with RAF, Advanced Landing Ground after construction 8-1944

Sydenham (HMS Gadwall), see Belfast

Tain (RAF Tain - note different location from current RAF Tain), Tain, Ross-shire, Scotland (1940-1946)

Civil Flying/Operational 16-9-1941/Joined by FAA 3-1942/Care & Maintenance 13-11-1946

Tangmere (RAF Tangmere), Tangmere, Sussex, England (1918-1975)current part MUSEUM

RFC training/United States Army Air Service 9-1918/Closed 1920 land retained/Coastal Area Storage Unit 1-6-1925/Operational 23-11-1926/Expansion construction 1937/Joined by Special Duty aircraft 1940-1944/ASR flight 5-1941 to 11-1941/Reconstruction 1941-1942 but still operational/Joined by Central Fighter Establishment 15-1-1945/Signals Group 1958/Joined by ASR helicopters 6-1961/Transport command 1-10-1963/Care & Maintenance 14-12-1970/Gliding School until 6-1975

Thorney Island (RAF Thorney Island), Thorney Island, Hampshire, England (1938-1976 to Army, current in use Army)

Operational/Training 3-1938/Operational 1-11-1938/Joined by 2nd TAF airfield 3-1944 to late 1944?/FAA presence throughout 1940-1945/Joined by ASR 2-1955/Training 1-1962 yo 31-10-1975

Topcliffe (RAF Topcliffe), Topcliffe, UK (1940-1972, then to army)

Operational/Closed for rebuilding 9-1941/Operational mid 1942/RCAF 1-1-1943/RAF Transport 9-1945/Air Navigation School 17-9-1946/Transport 1-8-1949/Operational 1-1950/Training spring 1957 9/1940 Transferred to the Army 1972, with a RAF Traffic Control Detachment

Turnhouse (RAF Turnhouse), Turnhouse, Midlothian, Scotland (1925-current civil Edinburgh Airport)

Operational 14/10/1925 ?; Civil Airfield

Twatt (HMS Tern), Twatt, Orkney Islands

Upavon (RAF Upavon), Upavon, England (1912-In Use RAF; 622 Gliding School)

RFC/RAF Central Flying School 1918/Joined by FAA 5-1934 to 9-1935.

Waltham, England (1930-1946)

Civil Aerodrome/Elementary and Reserve Flying Training School 6-1938/Closed for refurbishment 9-1939/Operational 1941/Storage 4-1945

West Freugh (RAF West Freugh) West Freugh, Wigtownshire, Scotland (1936-current -in use RAF)

West Freugh Training/Storage 31-7-1945/Royal Aircraft Establishment 1958? 8/1936 Royal Aircraft Establishment

An A-Z of Aircraft Profiles by FAUCONBERG AEROGRAPHICS including BLACKBURN ROC Mk. I, 806 Squadron, Royal Naval Air Service, West Freugh, Wigtownshire, April 1940

West Malling (RAF West Malling), Kent, England (1914-1964 to civil - preserved as MUSEUM)

Private Operational 1914/Private Airfield/Operatonal-1940/Care and Maintenance-1965

Weston Park (HMS Godwit II), Weston Park, England (1941-1945)

Weston Park Satellite to Cosford (Storage)/Joined by Satellite to RNAS Hinstock (as HMS Godwit II) early 1944 7/1941 Summer 1945

Weston-super-Mare (1938-1966. Now part as British Rotorcraft Museum)

Commercial Aerodrome/Training School 3-7-1939/RAF 1-5-1940/Bristol Aeroplane Company 12-1943/Air Torpedo Development Unit 3-1944 to 1949/Gliding School 1949/Westland Ltd 1966-1978

White Waltham (1935-1973)

Flying Training School/Fairey Aviation Airfield & RAF Airfield/Civil Airfield

Woodley (1930-1953)

Flying Training School and Aircraft Factory for Miles Aircraft

Woodvale (HMS Ringtail II), Woodvale, England (1941-1971, current private aero club)

Woodvale Operational/Transferred to Royal Navy 1945/RAF 28-1-1946 as Meteorological Office/Civilian AA co-operation units 12-1957 7/12/1941 30/6/1971; Used by Private aero clubs

Worthy Down (HMS Kestrel), Worthy Down, England (1918-)

RAF & Army co-op school/Flying station for Wireless School at Flowerdown/Operational 1-4-1924

Yeovilton (HMS Heron), Yeovilton, Somerset, England (current RNAS Yeovilton and FAA Museum)

Royal Naval Air Station Flag Officer Naval Aviation

Zeals (HMS Humming bird/RAF Zeals), Zeals, Wilts, England (1942-1946)

Operational/USAAF 6-1942/RAF 11-3-1944/Transferred to Admiralty 18-5-1945. 18/5/1945; Finally closed down in 1946


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Sturtivant, R. & Burrow, M (1995) 

 'Fleet Air Arm Aircraft 1939 to1945'  Published by Air Britain (Historians) Ltd, 1995 ISBN: 0 85130 232 7

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