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The Martin Baltimore was a mid-wing, all-metal light attack-bomber. It was an American designed and built bomber, known to the USAF as the A-30, but never used by the US forces. It was a development of the A-22 Maryland with a deeper fuselage. All 1575 built were delivered to the RAF. It carried a crew of four comprised of a pilot, navigator/bomb aimer, radio-operator and top-gunner. The radio operator would also man a ventral gun position. Models I to IV were powered by two 1,600 hp Wright GR-2600-A5B radial engines. The models V and VI had the upgraded 1,700 hp Wright engines.
The Martin Model 187 was designed in 1940 for French and British forces from the Model 167 "Maryland" light bomber. When France fell to the Germans the RAF took over the contract and the aircraft. As there were other aircraft to meet the immediate needs over Europe the Baltimore fleet was allocated to the Mediterranean and North Africa.
The Baltimore saw limited Fleet Air Arm service. 14 aircraft were transferred from the RAF in the Mediterranean, the first RN squadron being equipped in September 1944  (FA466 to 728 squadron). Of the rest, three were in service 1944 and four in 1945, the rest in 1946.
All were delivered to 728 squadron, a Fleet Requirements Unit stationed in Malta, where the unit had become responsible for ships of the British Pacific Fleet working up in the Mediterranean. The aircraft were dispersed to detachments of the squadron in Gibraltar (FA466 in September 1944), others to Ta Kali, Malta, and one detached to Catania, Sicily in June 1945. The last Baltimore in RN service, FA435, was thrown over the cliff at Hal Far, Malta in November 1946.

            Mk I          50 for the UK
            Mk II         as Mk I; twin Vickers in lieu of K gun, 100.
            Mk III        Modified Mk II: Powered dorsal turret. 250. MK IIIA: USAAF order, 281
                              lendlease to RAF, 0.5in guns in dorsal turret
            Mk IV        USAAF order, lendlease to RAF. 294
            Mk V         USAAF order, uprated engines. 0.5in wing guns.

            Fleet Air Arm history

          Total FAA 1939-1945:              14  (4 Mk IV, 7 Mk Va, and 3 Mk V)
            First delivered to RN:               September 1944
            Last with RN                          1946
            First squadron 1939-1945:         728 squadron (eg  FA466)

Aircraft Type:
Martin Baltimore 
Primary Role:
Fleet Requirements unit as light attack bomber
First Flight: 
14 June 1941
Date operating with FAA squadrons:
Two 1660 hp Wright Double-Row cyclone GR-2600-A5B engines
 Wing Span: Length: Height: Wing Area: 
Wing Span: 18.69m Length: 14.80m Height: 5.41m Wing Area: 50.03m2
Empty Weight: Max.Weight:
Empty Weight: 7013kg Max.Weight: 10251kg



Speed: 491km/h
Maximum speed: 305 mph (488 km/h) at 11,600 ft
Ceiling: 7100m 
Range: 1700km
Four 0.3in Browning wing guns, two (or four) 0.303in guns in turret and two in ventral positions. Provision for four fixed rear firing 0.3in guns
2000lb bomb
728 squadron
Battle honours:
Additional references and notes:
Sturtivant, R. & Burrow, M (1995)  'Fleet Air Arm Aircraft 1939 to1945'  Published by Air Britain (Historians) Ltd, 1995 ISBN: 0 85130 232 7 

Battle Honours and Operational History

Martin Baltimore in RAF markings

The Fleet Air Arm aircraft saw no action. All combat missions were flown exclusively in the Mediterranean theatre, primarily with RAF and South African squadrons.

Surviving aircraft and relics
None preserved in Europe. Believed to be extinct.

Associations and reunions
No information
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Martin A-30 "Baltimore" Light Attack Bomber
Sturtivant, R. & Burrow, M (1995)  'Fleet Air Arm Aircraft 1939 to1945'  Published by Air Britain (Historians) Ltd, 1995 ISBN: 0 85130 232 7 
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