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Fleet Air Arm Air Stations in the Countries of the British Empire, Dominions, Commonwealth, Dependent Territories and the rest of the World involved with the FAA 1939-1945

Map illustrating the locations of conflicts involving British and Commonwealth forces 1939-1945 

View the Commonwealth Secretariat webpage for current information and direct link to Commonwealth countries today in alphabetical order. Links to the Dependent Territories Today. Also see Flags of the World and Flags of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries

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Aden Khormaksar RAF Station (under control of HMS Sheba naval base. Map location.

See RAF and history in Aden.

Admiralty Islands Ponam (US navy coral airstrip, Pityilu, Manus island, in Admiralty islands, later HMS Nabaron. Pityilu, satellite airfield to MONAB IV, 22 Miles East of Ponam.. Map location
Antigua & Barbuda Antigua & Barbuda
Australia Archerfield (HMS Nabsford) 
RNAS Bankstown, NSW  (HMS Nabberley)(MONABII  (now Bankstown airport)

Bankstown/Nabberley - history info

Jervis bay, NSW  RAAF airstrip, satellite to Nowra (HMS Nabswick) 

Maryborough RAAF station MONAB V (HMS Nabstock) 


MONAB VII HMS Nabreekie, MEEANDAH, Brisbane 

Nowra RAAF station near Sydney, NSW (HMS Nabbington) MONAB I Mobile Naval Operating Air Bases [RAN primary aircraft shore base postwar, HMAS Albatross

Schofields, NSW  (RAAF station, near Sydney, loaned to FAA as HMS Nabthorpe, MONAB III [HMS Nabstock postwar, then HMAS Nirimba] 

See Mobile Naval Operating Air Bases in Australia during WW2

See Airfields and notable aviation related sites. Australia

Australia at war links Australia Royal Australian Navy and FAA
Ascension Island & St Helena First aircraft to land on ascension was a Fairey Swordfish. Subsequently became RAF and USAAF base. Ascension Island 6/4/1982 USAAF airfield on British dependancy, RAF presence permenant from 1982 Ascension Island & St Helena RAF Ascension Island

Ascension Auxiliary Airfield - The USAF American Airforce

The Bahamas The Bahamas
Bangladesh Bangladesh
Barbados Barbados
Belize Belize
Bermuda Bermuda (HMS Malabar II & II) Bermuda aviation history pioneers

British Army in Bermuda from 1776 to 1953

Bermuda Royal Navy base from 1795 to 1953

Bermuda Bermuda Regiment, Bermuda's mostly conscripted military force.
Botswana Botswana
Brunei Darussalam Brunei Darussalam
Burma Burma
Cameroon Cameroon

Argenta (RCAF station)(Newfoundland) 

Dartmouth (under HMS Sakar, HMS Canada,  renamed HMS Seaborn (Nova Scotia)[postwar to RCN as HMCS Shearwater, then 12 Wing Shearwater - alternate website]

Halifax (RN Base, under control of HMS Saker, becoming HMS Canada) 

Yarmouth - RCAF station transferred to FAA (HMS Seaborn (Novia Scotia) 

See Air Force map of Air Force Wings across Canada 

Canada at war links Canada Web Directory: Armed Forces: Canada 


Ceylon (Sri Lanka) China Bay (facilities on RAF Station, then RAF on books of HMS Lanka naval base, later commmisioned with Clappenburg bay as HMS Bambara, later renamed RNAS Trincomalee.  Operational with RN detachments throughout WW2.Transferred to Royal Navy 15-11-1944 (RNAS Trincomalee)/RAF 10-1950 on C & M 1/8/1939 30/11/1957; Transferred to Royal Ceylon Air Force

Clappenburg bay (at trincomalrr, under control of hms bambara 

RNAS Colombo, Ceylon. Colombo racecourse (HMS Bherunda)

Gan (Addu atoll, Indian ocean, 2ndart base of Trincomalee, on books HMS Haitan, renamed HMS Moraga

Kantalai (?airfield under construction 1945 - not completed by VJ-day) 

Katukurunda (HMS Ukussa). RNAS Katukurunda, Ceylon

Maharagama, RN aircraft training establishment (HMS Monara)(1944 - to train singalese recruits to the FAa) 

Minneriya RAF station. RAF Minneriya, Ceylon (1942-1946). Minneriya Operational/Joined by FAA 9-1942 7/1942 2/1946? 

RNAS Puttalam, Ceylon. Puttalam (under control of HMS Lanka, laterbecame a RNAS, HMS Rajaliya 

Ratmalana RAF station (named HMS Seruwa postwar]. Ratmalana, Ceylon (1941-1957?). Ratmalana Royal Navy/RAF 3-1942 6/1941 ?; Transferred to Royal Ceylon Air Force?

Sigriya facilities on RAF Station in Ceylon

RNAS Trincomalee (China Bay), Ceylon (1939-1957)

Vavuniya - facilities on RAF station in Ceylon 

Cyprus Cyprus
Ceylon (Sri Lanka) Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
Dominica Dominica
Egypt Aboukir 

Abu Sueir (1917-1956). Abu Sueir was Operational 9/1917 4/1956

Alexandria, Egypt

Benghazi, Egypt

Dekheila, Egypt (loaned from the Royal Egyptian air force)(HMS Nile II, then renamed RNAS Dekheila, HMS Grebe) 

Derna, Egypt

El Alamein, Egypt?

Fayid (1941-1956). RAF/RNAS 5-1941 (HMS Phoenix)/RAF 6-6-1941 2/1937 1/1956

Tobruk, Egypt

See Egyptian Air force Until the begining of the year 1940

East Africa See Kenya
Fiji Islands
France Hyeres (French naval air base near Toulon, for HMS Argus)(pre-occupation 1940)
The Gambia The Gambia
Ghana Ghana
Gibraltar North Front, Gibraltar (1918-1978, current NATO and Gibraltar International Airport)

RNAS/RAF 8-1918/Sparse RN activity 1919-1939/RAF 1935/NATO airfield 8-1978 1915 8/1978; Now NATO and Civil Airfield. North Front HMS Cormorant II, under control of HMS Cormorant naval base)(naval base named HMS Rooke postwar

Gibraltar history

Gibraltar Museum and Interactive map

Air Traffic Control - Gibraltar

Gibraltar Gibraltar Domain Names
Gold Coast Komenda RNAS at Takoradi, Gold Coast (HMS Wara)
Grenada Grenada
Guyana Guyana
Hong Kong Kai Tak (1927-78, recent/current Hong Kong civil airport)

Kai Tak FAA/RAF 1-4-1935/Captured 25-12-1941/FAA 3-9-1945/RAF 4-9-1945 10/3/1927 30/6/1978; Redeveloped by Hong Kong Government

Kai Tak (areodrome at Hong Kong (MONAB VIII HMS Nabcatcher, KAI TAK, Hong Kong) HMS Nabscatcher postwar, and under control of HMS Tamar


Hong Kong (China)
India Bombay, India Calcutta, India Madras, India

Cholavarum (nr Madras) 

RNAS Cochin, after 1947 to Indian Navy. Current Indian Navy airfiled and civil Cochin International Airport Kerala, India. Cochin (HMS Kalugu southern India, RAF Station (see Cochin airport today)

Coimbatore (HMS Garuda in southern India. RNAMY Coimbatore 

St Thomas mount (facilities on RAF station near Madras, southern india 

Santa Cruz facilities on RAF station, near Bombay, India 

Sulur - RAF station in southern India (HMS Vairi, under control of HMS Garuda at Coimbatore). RNAY Sulur 

Tambaram - RN air station in southern India (HMS Valluru). RNAS/RNAMY Tambaram

RAF Ulunderpet

 See history of Indian Air Force 

India at war links

Indian Navy history

India Indian Armed Forces
Iraq Habbaniyah (1937-1955)

Habbaniyah RAF Operational 3/1937 2/5/1955; Transferred to Royal Iraqi Air Force

Ireland (Eire) Ireland military websites Ireland (Eire) Irish Defence Forces Website;
Iceland Huitanes (responsible to HMS Baidur naval base 
Kaldadarnes under control of HMS Baidur naval base
Isle of Man Ronaldsway

FAA History of Isle of Man Airport

Isle of Man
Israel Israel Defence forces
Jamaica Palisadoes (initially under HMS Malabar naval base, later commissioned RNAS as HMS Buzzard Jamaica
Jersey (Channel Islands) Jersey airport Jersey (Channel Islands)
Kenya Eastleigh (Kenya) 1940-1967. RAF Operational 1/8/1940 7/1967

Killindini.FAA and RN base. HMS Kipanga, Kilindini 

Mackinnon road RAF station (part of HMS Kipanga II, under control of HMS Kipanga, Kilindini RN air base of Mombasa 

Nairobi (also called Eastleigh)(HMS Korongo RN aircraft repair yard 

Port Reitz RN air section on SAAF/RAF station, near Mombasa., under HMS Kipanga II, under control of HMS Kipanga, Kilindini 

Voi - RN air section in east Africa, part of HMS Kipanga II under control of HMS Kipanga, Kilindini RN air base of Mombasa 

Kiribati Kiribati
Lesotho Lesotho
Madagascar Andrakaka
Malawi Malawi
Malaysia (Malaya) Singapore, Malaya (see Singapore) Malaysia at war links

The war in Singapore and Malaya

Malaysia Royal Malaysian Navy
Maldives Maldives
Malta Kalafrana (1918-1946). Calafrana/Kalafrana RNAS/RAF 1-4-1918 Operational 7/1916 seaplane base . Transferred to Royal Navy 30/6/1946. Later redeveloped.

Hal Far (1923-1979). Operational/Royal Navy 14-4-1946 (HSM Falcon)/RAF 1-9-1965/C & M 15-9-1967 16/1/1923 1/1979; Hal Far (RAF Station, HMS Falcon postwar) Transferred to Maltese Government and redeveloped.

Ta Kali (HMS Goldfinch) (1940-1968). Current part re-developed, part Air Museum. 
FAA facilities under control HMS St Angelo naval base. HQ RAF Mediterranean Command/Royal Navy 2-1944 (commissioned as HMS Goldfinch in 1-4-1945)/RAF 6-1953/C & M 4-1963 1940 4/1968; Transferred to Maltese Government

Malta in WW2 Malta
Mauritius Plaisance (airfield in Mauritius, on books HMS Sambur naval base Mauritius
Muscat and Oman Masirah(Muscat and Oman) (1942-1977). Masirah Civil Airport/Operational 10-1942 4/1930 3/1977
Mozambique Mozambique
Namibia Namibia
Nauru Nauru
Netherlands Royal Netherlands Navy
New Zealand Auckland, New Zealand Wellington, New Zealand Christchurch, New Zealand New Zealand at war links New Zealand Royal New Zealand Navy
Nigeria**** Nigeria****
Oman Masirah Island RAF Station 

See History of RAF and Marsirah Island

Pakistan Pakistan at war links Pakistan Pakistan Defence Forces
Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea
St Kitts and Nevis St Kitts and Nevis
Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) 
St Lucia St Lucia
St Vincent & the Grenadines St Vincent & the Grenadines
Samoa Samoa
Seychelles Seychelles
Sierra Leone Hastings (RNAS, HMS Spurwing, aerodrome near Freetown Sierra Leone
Singapore (Malaya) Changi  (RAF Station 1946) 

Seletar (1921-1971 transferred to Republic of Singapore Air Force). Navy airfield/RAF flying boat base 1-1-1930/Captured by Japanese 14-2-1942 until VJ-Day. RAF 1945/Storage 1950s 1921 31/3/1971; Transferred to Republic of Singapore Air Force

Sembawang (used by FAA from Oct 1945 MONAB IX HMS Nabrock, SEMBAWANG, Singapore (HMS Nabrock, then HMS Simbang  postwar).
Sembawang (1940-1971). Operational/Captured by Japanese 2-1942/FAA 1945 (HMS Simbang)/RAF 16-1-1948/FAA 16-1-1950/RAF ?/FAA 7-1953/C & M 4-1957/Reconstruction/Royal Navy (HMS Simbang) 4-9-1962 4/7/1940 30/9/1971 

Tengah RAF station - occupied by Japanese from Feb 1942 til VJ-Day

See web pages fall of singapore November 1941 - February 1942


Singapore at war links

December 8, 1941 - The Fall of Singapore

The War in Malaya and Singapore

Singapore Republic of Singapore Navy
Solomon Islands Solomon Islands
South Africa Cape Town, South Africa

Durban, South Africa. Durban SAAF station (HMS Kongoni) 

Wingfield - SAAF Station - facilities for FAA under control of HMS Afrikander I RN base at Simonstown (later commissioned as RNAS, HMS Malagas)

Wynberg - facilities on SAAF station , under control of HMS Afrikander III, then under Afrikander I, the RN base at Simonstown

South Africa at war links South Africa Department of Defence South Africa ie/www/index.html
Sri Lanka (Ceylon) see Ceylon Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
Sudan Sudan
Swaziland Swaziland
Tanzania (Tanganyika) Tanga - RN air station (HMS Kilele) Tanzania
Tonga Tonga
Trinidad & Tobago Piarco (RNAS in Trinidad (HMS Goshawk) Trinidad & Tobago
Tuvalu Tuvalu
Uganda Uganda
United Kingdom (UK) See FAA Archive Air Stations page United Kingdom Royal Navy
Fleet Air Arm
Royal Marines

RAF overseas stations today

United States of America (USA)

Brunswick (Maine) US Naval base (under HMS Saker) 

Lewiston (Maine)(US naval base, commisioned as part of HMS Saker, accounting base at Washington, then as HMS Saker II (acted as parent ship for all faa facilities in the USA and also responsibilities for those in Canada) 

Norfolk (on US navy base (Virginia)

Quonset point (US navy station, Rhode island, New York, commissioned HMS Asbury, became HMS Saker II 

Squantum - US Navy base used by FAA torpedo sqdns 

The U-boatsSee FAA Archive list of USA bases used by the FAA

United States of America (USA) United States Navy
United States Marine Corps
Vanuatu Vanuatu
Zambia Zambia
Zimbabwe (Rhodesia)  Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) 
NORTHERN EUROPE Scandinavia and Iceland Reykjavik, Iceland Seydhisfiord, Iceland Vaenga, Russia Murmansk, Russia Archangel, Russia Kirkenes, Finland Petsamo, Norway Kaa Fiord, Norway Tromso, Norway Bardufoo, Norway Narvik, Norway Bodo, Norway Mosjoen, Norway Ramsoy, Norway Namsos, Norway Trondheim, Norway Lepso Rev, Norway Andalsnes, Norway Alesund, Norway Stdalendet, Norway Bergen, Norway Haugesund, Norway Brevik, Norway Egersund, Norway Kister, Norway

Mediterranean and Middle EastMarseilles, France Nice, France Athens, Greece Palermo, Sicily Taranto, Italy Salerno, Italy Naples, Italy Rome, Italy

AFRICA Oran, Algiers Algiers, Algeria

Bone, Tunisia Tunis, Tunisia

Tripoli, Libya

Benina Italian airfield. RAF 2-1941/German 3-1941/RAF 1-1942 12/1940 9/1951

Castel Benito/Idris Captured from Axis forces/Trials airfield 1955? 1/1943 Late 1966

El Adem. Captured from Italy early 1941/Axis forces 1942/RAF 12-1942/Foreign Allied units 1943/RAF 1-8-1945 ? 28/3/1970

Diego Suarez, Madagascar

Mozambique, E Africa

Asia Tokyo, Japan (After VJ day)



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