Post War Aircraft History 1945-1996

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Post war HMS Daedalus continued to play an important role, seeing the new jet fighters as well as the helicopter arrive in the late 1940s and early 1950s. In 1962 the joint Service Hovercraft Unit was formed with the aim of testing hovercraft in an operational military environment. She was finally paid off from the Royal Navy on 29 March 1996.

The Daedalus Virtual Aviation Museum Collection includes the following post war Fleet Air Arm aircraft types which were stationed at Lee-on-Solent, 1945-1996.

ANSON I, Avro                                1951-53
AUSTER, Taylorcraft                       1950
CHIPMUNK T.10, De Havilland C      1971-81
DOMINIE I, de Havilland                    1946-63
DRAGONFLY HR.1-5, Westland       1950-57
EXPEDITOR C.2, Beech                       1946-55
FIREFLY FR.1, T.1-2 trainers, Fairey  1950-56
HARVARD T.2b-3 , North American    1953-54
HILLER HT.1 helicopter                      1955-58
HERON C.4, CC.4, De Havilland          1969-81
METEOR T.7, Gloster                         1951-54
OXFORD I, Airspeed                              1948-54
SCIMITAR, Supermarine                      1960s
SEA BALLIOL T.21, Boulton Paul     1954-58
SEA DEVON C.20, De Havilland      1955-81
SEA FURY F.10-11, T.20, Hawker       1954
SEA HAWK FGA.6, Hawker                 1960s
SEA HERON C.2, De Havilland           1961-81
SEA KING HAS, Westland                 1970s
SEA OTTER, Supermarine                 1946-52
SEA PRINCE T.1 C.1Hunting Percival1950-65
SEA VAMPIRE T.22, De Havilland    1953-64
SEAFIRE F15, Supermarine               1950s
 SWORDFISH III, Fairey                      1953-63
TIGER MOTH T.2, de Havilland          1960-72
VAMPIRE T.11/22, De Havilland        1953-54
WESSEX HU.5, Westland                 1969-81
WHIRLWIND HAS.22, HAR.1-3 Westland 1955-70




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HMS Daedalus site from the air looking north, 2000, Lee-on-Solent


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