WW2 Aircraft History 1939-1945

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By the end of the World War 2 the strength of the Fleet Air Arm possessed 56 air stations all over the world, the most important was the headquarters of HMS Daedalus at Lee on Solent, with its airfield, bordering the Solent opposite the Isle of Wight and a slipway into the sea.

The Daedalus Virtual Aviation Museum Collection includes the following Second World War period aircraft types which were stationed at Lee-on-Solent, 1939-1945.

ALBACORE I, Fairey            1942
ANSON I, C.XII, XIX, Avro    1945-47
AUSTER, Taylorcraft            1949-
AVRO 652                               1942
BARRACUDA I, II, Fairey        1942-43
BEAUFIGHTER II, Bristol       1943
CHESAPEAKE Vought-Sikorsky 1942
DAKOTA, C-47 Douglas           1944-
DH 86b, de Havilland               1940
DOMINIE I, de Havilland           1944-63
EXPEDITOR C.1, C.2, Beech    1945-55
FAIREY IIIF                                  1940
FALCON SIX, Miles                     1940
FIREFLY T.1, FR.4-5, Fairey       1949-
FOX MOTH, de Havilland            1941-
FULMAR I, II, Fairey                     1940-43
HART TRAINER, Hawker             1941
HARVARD T.2b, North American1947-
HELLCAT II, Grumman                 1946
HORNET MOTH, de Havilland      1940-43
HOVERFLY I, Vought-Sikorsky
HUDSON III-V, Lockheed             1945-46
 MARTLET (WILDCAT) Grumman 1943
NIMROD II, Hawker                         1941
OXFORD I, Airspeed                        1943-48
PETREL Q.6, Percival                     1940-42
PROCTOR Ia, II, IIa, Percival           1942-44
RELIANT I, Stinson                          1945
SEAFIRE Ib, III, F15 Supermarine1943-50s
SEA FURY F.10, Hawker                1948
SEA HURRICANE Ib, IIc, Hawker  1942-45
SEA OTTER, Supermarine            1945-52
SWORDFISH I-II, Fairey                  1940-43
TIGER MOTH II, de Havilland        1943-45
TRAVELLER I, Beech                     1944-45
VEGA GULL, Percival                    1941-43
WALRUS, Supermarine             1940-1942
HMS Daedalus site from the air looking north, 2000, Lee-on-Solent


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