Daedalus Air Days Airshows 1967-1994

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For many decades Daedalus has hosted Air Days when the Air Station was open to the public. The airfield was again alive to the sound of wartime aircraft for the recent Sea Wings 2000 over Southampton on 4 June 2000, where most of the veteran aircraft landed and took off from Lee-on-Solent.

The highlights of the flying display undoubtedly comprised the HU-16 Albatross, Grumman Goose and Piaggio P.136 Royal Gull landing and taking off from the sparkling water during a break in the clouds. The Hurricane and Canberra formation was another unique sight. The mass formation of thirteen Spitfires and one Hurricane was also widely appreciated by the crowd.

Thirteen spitfires and other warbirds on the runway at Lee-on-Solent for the Sea Wings 2000 air show


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