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Daedalus South - Headquarter buildings

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Daedalus South - Headquarter buildings

The key group of headquarter buildings are grouped on the southern edge of the airfield, these being the old Headquarters Coastal Area and Station Offices - Eagle Block, the Wardroom, and Westcliffe House.

Wykeham Hall - is an imposing brick built building dating from 1895 is of particular significance to the Fleet Air Arm and was originally requisitioned by the Admiralty in 1917 and became HQ Flag Officer Naval Command in the 1930s.

Eagle Block - the Headquarters of Coastal Area and station offices, dating from the 1930s have a unique design reflecting their importance. They are constructed of a brick clad stell frame.

Wardroom - the officers mess and quarters, was designed by M May in the 1930s to impress and reflect the establishment's significance first as the headquarters of Coastal Are and then of the Fleet Air Arm.

Triumph Galley - dining room and cookhouse and ratings' mess. Built in the early 1930s in a simple classical style.

Anson, Blake, Duncan, Cunningham Barrack blocks - type "E" Barrack Blocks brick-built in 1932-1935 with a steel truss rook for protection against incendiaries.

HMS Daedalus wardroom

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