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WW1 Seaplane sheds and Slipway


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WW1 Seaplane sheds and Slipway

Aeroplane sheds and aircraft hangers

Centred around the southern boundary of the establishment is a unique assemblage of WW1 Seaplane sheds, slipway into the Solent and winch house. Three Aeroplane sheds unique to Lee-on-Solent dating from 1917-18 of Admiralty steel design exist - Admiralty Type "J" Aeroplane sheds, including two adjacent to their original slipway and the winch house. One hangar dates back to 1914 and First World War and later seaplane hangers still remain. This building along with a dozen others, are in the process of becoming listed buildings, including the inches of seagull guano on the floor of the 1914 hanger. Instructions for stowage of the sea planes still remain on the wall of the boatshed, now part of the Royal Motor Yacht Club. (Ref.). Admiralty Type "G" seaplane sheds from 1917-18 also exist, only four are known to exist in the UK.


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