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Daedalus South - Main Hangers

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Daedalus South - Main Hanger complex

The assemblage of old 1930s and second world war hangars, includes typical Type C, T2 Type and Blister Hangers built across the British Empire from 1914 onwards. Daedalus includes the great Dunning Hanger, a Type C hanger, which dominates the south of the airfield and which hosted a large concert with a band of HM Royal Marines and the well known wartime singer Anne Shelton for the 50th anniversary of D-Day in 1994. There are also aircraft sheds, machine rooms, stores, parachute stores, offices, messes, barracks, fire engine huts, marital quarters, tennis courts, rifle ranges; a complete assemblage of pre-war and wartime structures. The residences largely date from 1930s, and include the magnificent brick and stone three-storey Wardroom with its mock Tudor main wing. A number of the buildings still show the flak and bombing damage from the Battle of Britain and Blitz periods of 1940-1941.

Dunning Hanger

One of the Type C hangars (aircraft sheds). The permanent Type C was a feature of the 1930s expansion period of airfield construction.

Dunning Hanger

Parachute Stores
Orange brick building believed to be parachute store c1926, and extended around 1939. This was a specially constructed building for parachute drying, inspection, packing and storage. Easy to identify by the extended roof, adjacent to main store

View of Conservation Area building infrastructure

Daedalus tower 


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