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Early flight in the 1900s

Hear and see the heroes of the Second World War in action and talking about our common the Multimedia Exhibition.

Movie clip trailer Wright Brothers’ Plane (avi) (Quick Time)(RealVideo) 28K

Movie clip trailer about Adolf Hitler (avi) (Quick Time)(RealVideo) 28K
(WPA Film Library)

From Hitler's Home Movies -- Hitler dancing.
60600 K silent .avi OR  MPEG format (259 K silent .mpg)

Neville Chamberlain proudly displaying Hitler's autograph (225K silent .mpg)

Declaration of War by the Prime Minister, the Rt. Hon. Neville Chamberlain, at  11.15am BBC Announcement by Alvar Lidell

Air raid warnings procedures. BBC Announcements

Schools closed for at least a week. Keep off the streets as much as possible.Carry your gas masks with you always. BBC Announcements

Movie clip from the Museum of Berkshire aviation Miles Master II film dated from 1946 in colour. also

Winston Churchill, British prime minister. On the Battle of France

Winston Churchill, British prime minister, Inaugurates the Battle of Britain

Flight over HMS Rodney (5 secs) 320x240 pixels 842k (MPG) HMS Rodney web

Remembering the Dunkirk Evacuation by a veteran (Discovery Channel).

Battle of Britain fighter pilots recollect

Remembering the Blitz (Discovery Channel)

Movie extracts from the wartime film Operation Pedestal with clips of Operation Pedestal the beginning, featuring HMS Eagle, The Heavy Escort Forms up featuring HMS Formidable, Down to the Mediterranean featuring HMS Furious.

Dwight D. Eisenhower, supreme Allied commander, Broadcasts D-Day invasion order

Movie clip trailer from Normandy Invasion (avi) (Quick Time)(RealVideo) 28K (WPA Film Library)

George Hick's Live Report on D-Day

Fleet Air Arm Telegraphist Air Gunner (TAG) Derek Foster (825 squadron Fleet Air Arm) recollects HMS Victorious, as part of Taskforce 57 1945. Click here for the audio clip. His collection is in the Second World War Experience Centre

VJ-day announcement and celebrations


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