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HMS Daedalus, Lee-on-Solent

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MS Daedalus: Looking to contact Officers (from 90's) to initiate a reunion in 2001. Contact George McCaffery

Seeking anyone who was based at HMS Ariel - Eastleigh / HMS Daedalus - Lee-on-Solent, Hampshire in and around 1956 onwards. Please contact Mike Mullins (2000)

Any one who knows Phil Houghton (LAEA when I left). Joined at HMS Raleigh in May 89 and served at HMS Daedalus (Artificer training), HMS Birmingham for WIGS 90 and at RNAS Portland 702 Squadron. Contact Phil 03/2001

Just surfed on in! Name: Karen E-mail_address: NHarland @ From: Fareham. Comments: Looking for info on Thomas.W.Smith at H.M.S Daedalus in 1958 and on H.M.S. Victorious in 1959, about 22 years old at this time. Anyone help? Date created: Sun Apr 23 11:27:26 2000. Axford's Abode Guest book

Allen, Norman, Jonathan. <>
05/01/1960 - L/053571 - 57 Class - 47 Mess - Hawke - Bexley, Kent, England.
Old Ships:- Jan. 1961 HMS Dryad - RP Training; May 1961 HMS Broadsword - 7th DSTR SQ - Home & Med; May 1962 HMS Daedulus - REM (A) Mech. Course; Dec. 1962 HMS Heron (RNAS Yeovilton) - 899 Squadron - Mechanician App. Training Selection; Sept. 1963 HMS Daedulus - REL Mechanician 2yr course; July 1965 HMS Heron (RNAS Yeovilton) - 766 Squardon & Radio Workshops - Promotion through to Mech.3; Oct. 1967 HMS Ajax Ships Flight - SAMCOS Training; Feb. 1968 HMS Ajax - Joined Ships Flight in Gibraltar; March 1968 HMS Osprey (RNAS Portland) - Small Ships Flight 829 Squadron; June 1968 HMS Naiad - Secondment to Ships Flight; Sept. 1968 HMS Ajax - Flight embarked for Commission - Home - Far East - Med; July 1969 HMS Ajax - Promotion to RELMECH(A)1 Sept. 1970 HMS Daedulus - UKSLG - Lynx Helicopter Project - Westland Helicopters; July 1971 Left Service: Welcome any communications from past Oppo's who would have known me as Darby Allen! HMS Ganges Association Membership

Birch, Stephen. <>
20/06/1967 - L102486 - Frobisher - Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England. Old Ships: HMS Daedalus, Lossiemouth (809) & (849), Portland, Culdrose (824), Ark Royal, RFA's Tidepool, Tidesurge and Engadine. HMS Ganges Association Membership

Cattermole, Bob. <>
15/10/1946 - L/FX 661777 - 47 Mess - Hawke - Plymouth, Devon, England.
Joined the TS Arethusa which was then evacuated to the Tide Reach Hotel, Salcombe, Devon in June 1945. Transferred back to the ship itself in Sept 45 in Chatham Dockyard being towed to to its pre-war mooring off Upnor on the River Medway in Nov. Thence to Shotley becoming a Boy 1st Class. Then Wakeful Oct 47, Pembroke Jan 48, Troopship Strathnaver to Singapore and joined Constance Feb 48,Sussex Dec 48, Chatham Feb 49. Transferred to the Fleet Air Arm (Never to be regretted)as an Aircraft Handler (See our website). Siskin Apr 49.Blackcap Aug 49, Hornbill Jan 50, Ocean doing Troopship duties to Triumph Mar 50 (Hundred miles off the coast of Korea when the war started). Daedalus Dec 50, Siskin Jun 51, Blackcap Oct 51, Illustrious Aug 52, Daedalus Aug 54 Heron Sept 54 Daedalus Oct 55. Demobed but re-enlisted for pension June 57 at Daedalus, Heron (Merryfield satelite) Jan 58, RNAS Culdrose Oct 58 to join 849D Flight(Skyraiders) seeing service on Centaur twice! Seahawk three times Falcon(Malta) and Albion. Heron Mar 60 Royal Arthur Dec 61 Heron Feb 62, Seahawk Mar 62, Centaur Sept 63, Seahawk Oct 65. Pensioned off as a Chief Airman from Drake June 72. HMS Ganges Association Membership

Mike (I.M.P.) Coombes - ex RHS Holbrook. PO Writer, and SD (now Secretary of ARNO - see allied associations) would be interested to hear from any old shipmates (Served RN from 1955 to 1988 in: Ceres, Bellerophon, St Angelo, CND Haslemere, Pembroke, Meon, Seahawk, 899 NAS Eagle & VL, FONFT, FAADA Daedalus, AFSE Naples, Neptune, AFNE Oslo, R&IT Sultan, CNH Fort Southwick, Hermes, Dolphin, RNC Greenwich, & FOSM Northwood) e-mail Royal Naval association

Graham "Jan" Cowen. Other units/ships: RFA Olwen, RFA Fort Grange. Station/Ship: RNAS Culdrose, Eagle, Hermes, 826 sqdn, 824 sqdn, 706 sqdn, ForiegnTraining Unit, Daedalus, Raleigh. Submission-comments: Joined RN 15 Jan 68 at HMS Raleigh, still serving in RN Careers Service, in AFCO Newcastle. Any old
shipmates/sqdn oppos give me a call on above site. Date created: Fri Apr 13 22:22:33 2001 Navy & Marines Lost Comm's Archives

Clulow, Shaun. <> 29/07/1975 - D151903A - Fearless - Gosport, Hampshire, England. Old Ships/Comments:- HMS Ganges 29/7/75-28/9/75, HMS Daedalus 29/9/75-25/1/76, HMS Heron (707NAS)26/1/76-27/2/77, HMS Daedalus (RNHTU) 28/2/77-2/1/78, HMS Ark Royal 3/1/78-24/6/79, HMS Daedalus (RNHTU)25/6/79-17/2/80, HMS Tamar (NP1009) 18/2/80-22/8/80, HMS Daedalus (RNHTU) 23/8/80 27/6/82, FOF3 (HMS Nelson) 28/6/82-23/10/82, HMS Excellent 24/10/83-6/2/84, HMS Collingwood 7/2/84-29/7/84, HMS Nelson 0/7/84-29/9/85, SNOFI 29/9/85-30/1/86, HMS Nelson 31/1/86-24/2/86, HMS Andromeda 25/2/86-5/2/88, HMS Nelson 6/2/88-10/11/89. Would like to hear from anyone who knows me. HMS Ganges Association Member

Ron Davis. HMS. Vengeance.  Gosling, Vulture, Gannet, Venerable, Daedalus, Fulmar Submission-comments: Looking for any FAA Flight Deck Crew, Armourers, Aircraft Handlers, Mechanics, Airmen with No.1850 Squadron on HMS. Vengeance, February 1945 to August 1946. Date created: Tue Mar 6 03:05:51 2001 Navy & Marines Lost Comm's Archives

Feakins, Jeremy, P. <>. 05/05/1969 - D109973A - Anson - Lancaster, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. Old Ships/Comments:- HMS Warrior (CINCWF), HMS Ark Royal, COMIBERLANT Portugal, HMS Daedalus, HMS Nelson. HMS Ganges Association Member

Mr. A. Sheldon Grant, of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, is a representative of the Royal Canadian Naval Association, having served as its National President for four years. Before the war "Shell" was a student and sea cadet, joining the HMCS Griffin at Port Arthur in the Fall of 1943. His father had been a veteran of the First World War. His sister served with the RCAF Women's Division and he had two cousins who served
in the Navy. Also serving as an able seaman on the HMCS Puncher, and HMS Pintail as well as the HMS Daedalus and the aircraft carrier HMCS Warrior, Shell travelled to numerous ports, including Murmansk. His main memories of his service during the war include "the cold and constant wetness". Veterans Affairs Canada

Number 00264RN. Trying to Trace : Michael Thomas "Nobby" Hall. Service/Unit : HMS Cambrian, Daedalus, St Angelo, Hermes, Cochrane and Dido Rank : SA (S) to LSA
Year/s Of Service : 1963 - 1973 Location of Service : Other Information : I am trying to trace anyone who served with my father between 1963 and 1973. He served on HMS Cambrian (63-64), at Daedalus (64-66), HMS St Angelo (68-68), on HMS Hermes at HMS Cochrane and on HMS Dido (to 1973). Any stories, anecdotes or picture
would be helpful as he died in August 1973, when I was only a year old and so didn't get to pass on any of his experiences. Name of Enquirer : Steven Hall. Direct at : Email Lost Comrades at Veterans Rendezvous. (URL: Veterans Rendezvous)

PHIL LEA. Email Other units/ships: 772 N.A.S 819.NAS 814 N.A.S: Looking to contact any members of Fleet Air Arm HMS DAEDALUS 1975-76 Geordie Ian Jameson, Geoff O'Brien,, Steve Dixon, Dunc Lawton, Vince Hambrook, Steve Jeffs, Bob Newscome, Steve Mills, Windy Miller 772 Naval Air Asquadron (Ian Coggin) 737 Naval Air Squadron (Pete Davidson) 819 Naval Air Squadron 814 Naval Air Squadron (Paul Cole)(Steve Wagstaff) Fleet Target Group R.N.A.S Portland (Nick Hoare) HMS HERMES 5F0 MESS Calling old Oppos/WAFUS of Scouse Lea/Tanzy 1975-1983 ARE ANY OF YOU OUT THERE? Sat Mar 31 15:01:55 2001 Navy & Marines Lost Comm's Archives

Mackintosh, Norman. <> 02/09/1949 - P/JX843955 - Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Old Ships/Comments:- Joined HMS Ganges from HMS Bruce then HMS Maidstone 1950 to 52, HMS Dryad Jan 52 to May 52, HMS Landrail July to Nov 52, HMS Mermaid 53 to 55, HMS Foulness 55 to 56, HMS Boulston 56 to 57, HMS Newcastle 57 to 59, HMS Dryad Jan to Nov 59, HMS Trafalger 59 to 61, HMS Bellerophon (Royal Arthur) May to Nov 61, HMS Palliser 61 to 63, HMS Dryad March 63 to Sept 63 (R.P.1), HMS Aisne 64 to 66, HMS Dryad 66 to 68, HMS Daedalus (N.P.8902 Falkland Islands) Hovercraft Unit 68 to 74 - Retired. HMS Ganges Association Member

McDonald, George. <> 13/03/1961 - D060822E - Collingwood - Westbourne, Bournemouth, Dorset, England. Old Ships/Comments:- HMS Condor, HMS Fulmar, HMS Ark Royal, HMS Goldcrest, HMS Hermes, HMS Osprey, HMS Herald, HMS Eagle, HMS Daedalus. I left the Navy 28/02/86 and look forward to hearing from anyone who may remember me. My nicknames were Mac or Jock. I originally come from Ediburgh. HMS Ganges Association Member

Morgan, Geoff. <>. 15/07/1975 - D151706M - 834 Class - Leander - Farnborough, Hampshire, England. Old Ships/Comments:- HMS Osprey/ RNAS Portland 76/79, HMS Jupiter Feb 79 - Dec 79, HMS Rothesay Jan 80 -May 80, BRNC Dartmouth June 80 - May 81, HMS Daedalus June 81 - Oct 81, HMS Heron/RNAS Yeovilton Oct 81 - Dec 81, 360 Sqdn RAF Wyton Jan 82 - Dec 84, Jan 85 - June 85 HMS Seahawk, June 85 - May87 814 NAS, June87 - Aug 88 HMS Seahawk/RNAS Culdrose, Sep 88 - Feb 92 MASU HMS Daedalus, Mar 92- May 92 HMS Seahawk, May 92-May 93 826 NAS, May 93 - Jul 93 HMS Seahawk, Jul 93 - Nov 93 HMS Daedalus, 31st Nov 93 Discharge Redundancy. HMS Ganges Association Member

Palmer, Leslie. <> 10/06/69 - D113663F - Rodney - Bordesley Green, West Midlands, England. Old ships:- HMS Seahawk 1970, HMS Osprey 1970, HMS Eagle 1971/72, HMS Heron 1972, HMS Blake 1972/3, HMS Daedalus 1973/74, HMS Osprey 1974/75, HMS Collingwood 1975/76 (Branch Change), HMS Kent 1976/77, HMS Fife 1979/80, HMS Herald 1981/83, HMS Liverpool 1983/85. HMS Ganges Association Member

Philpotts, Dennis. <> 30/03/1976 - D159314E - Resolution - Hereford, Herefordshire, England. Old Ships/Comments:- HMS Daedalus then to RNAS Yeovilton - 707 NAS Wessex 5 to Ground Radio to 702 NAS Lynx (2) to RNAS Culdrose 705 and 826 NAS Falklands HMS Hermes/Fort Austin then back to RNAS Yeovilton 800 NAS Ground Radio and then release 1988. Currently teaching at a High School in Hereford. HMS Ganges Association Membership

Phillips, Stephen. <> 05/09/1975 - D155098A - Leander - Sandnes, Stavanger, Norway. Old Ships/Comments:- Took Artificer exam whilst at Ganges and joined Ships Company working in the Armoury until Dec 1975. HMS Fisgard Jan 1976, HMS Daedalus Jan 1977, HMS Seahawk Jan 1978, 706 RNAS, NASU Culdrose, Instrument Workshops Culdrose, 824 RNAS, 826 RNAS, 810 RNAS. Left April 1987. Contract work Aviation Industry since. Currently at Helikopter Service Stavanger Norway. HMS Ganges Association Membership

Pinnington, Brian, Stuteley. <>. 15/03/1958 - L/F977700 - Hawke - Chester, Cheshire, England. Old Ships/Comments:- HMS Ark Royal, HMS Eagle, RNAS Culdrose, RNAS Lossiemouth, RNAS Brawdy, HMS Daedalus. F.A.A. Field Gun Crew 1962 and 1966. HMS Drake (Shallow Water Diver), HMS Vernon (Free Diver), RNAS Portland (Air Crew Jumper). HMS Ganges Association Membership

Roden, Jim. <> 01/09/1959 - D053261K - Anson - 167 - Oswestry, Shropshire, England. Joined as JME, left as MAA 1984 Old Ships/Establishments: Belfast, Malcolm, Dainty, Rothesay, Excellent, Victory (Nelson), Tamar, Collingwood,
Glasserton, SHAPE, Daedalus, Reclaim, Fife. Does any other Anson 167 sprog remember running the Reg Office gauntlet by taking bread and margarine from the CMG (neatly stowed under their hats) for later 'toasting' with an iron?  HMS Ganges Association Membership

Sowerby, Rob. <> 15/03/1960 - P/055475 - 10 & 14 Mess - Rodney - Poole, Dorset, England. After training at HMS Ganges and HMS Raleigh I went onto HMS Bulwark in '61 as a baby stoker. Then in chronological order (as best as I can remember):- HMS Drake '62/63, HMS Adamant '63/64, HMS Daring '64, back to HMS Ganges as ships company in '64/'65, HMS Berwick '65-'67, HMS Daedalus '67/'68, HMS Sultan '68/69, HMS Forth '69-'71. Discharged in May '71 as a Killick Stoker, (didn't I do well!!). Joined the Fire Brigade in Newmarket, Suffolk immediately after demob, found out that it was easier than working for a living and stayed on until I
retired last year from West Sussex Fire Brigade on a nice pension. (See, you can skate through life if you set your mind to it). All I do now is sing Barbershop and play Golf, (I know, it's a hard life but someones got to do it). Look me up if my name rings a bell, (mind you at our age we're lucky if our own name rings a bell). HMS Ganges Association Membership

Wheatley, Geoffrey, Ronald. <> 09/01/1962 - L065907 - 139 Class -32 Mess - Benbow - Wyke Regis, Dorset, England. Old ships:- HMS Condor 1963, HMS Fulmar, HMS Eagle (800 NAS), HMS Seahawk, HMS Hermes (826 NAS),
HMS Fulmar, HMS Ark Royal (809 NAS), HMS Osprey, HMS Mohawk (Ships Flt) HMS Daedalus (Instructor), HMS Osprey, HMS Naiad (Ships Flt). Now at Westlands (Civvy)! HMS Ganges Association Membership

Wheelhouse, Roy. <> 03/05/1960 - P/056161 - 23 Mess - Grenville - Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England. I would like to hear from any old mates from the past. Old Ships:- HMS Keppel, HMS Duchess, HMS Victorious, HMS Hermes, HMS Ark Royal, HMS Brave Swordsman, HMS Jaguar, HMS Upton, HMS Daedalus, FTMTTU, HMS Wilton, HMS Alacrity, HMS Drake. Medical Discharge 1980. HMS Ganges Association Membership

Number 00254RN. Trying to Trace : Jim Wilkinson. Service/Unit : Rank : PO TEL was LDG TEL. Year/s Of Service : 1945 to 1955. Location of Service : HMS Daedaslus
 Other Information : Served with Jim on Anson, Howe, KGV and Glasgow between 1947 and 1950.  Name of Enquirer : John Graham Snow.  Do you have any information which may assist, Please contact :- Direct at :
Email Lost Comrades at Veterans Rendezvous. (URL: Veterans Rendezvous)

Worth, (Harry), David. <> 18/09/1967 - D104714C - 96 Class - 32 Mess - Frobisher - Somerton, Somerset, England. Old ships:- HMS Raleigh, HMS Albion, HMS Mohawk, HMS Sultan, HMS Ark Royal, HMS Daedalus, RNAS Culdrose, RNAS Portland (703/829 Squadrons), HMS Ghurka, HMS Nubian, HMS Daedalus, RNAS Yeovilton (707/845/847 Squadrons), Falkland Islands. I appear to be the only member of my recruitment on the list! HMS Ganges Association Membership

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