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See also the Fleet Air Arm and Aviation museums web pages.
A number of museums operate airworthy historic aircraft which an be seen in their Flying Days, vintage aircraft fly-ins or other calendar of activities.


    • Aero1 scenic flights & charter : Port Macquarie and Melbourne Tiger Moth DH-82 and Yakovlev 52 (Yak-52) Russian military trainer joy rides and pilot trial introductory flights.
    • Air Combat Australia : ride as a crew member in four different types of fighter aircraft - the CT6 Airtrainer, the Yak-52, the TS11 Iskra Fighter Jet, and the Mig 15 front line Fighter Jet.
    • Antique Airways : Classic aircraft charter Tiger Moth joy rides or fly the Beech C17 Staggerwing or Beech 18 Twin in Queensland.
    • Australian Jet Adventures : Experience the flight of a lifetime with Yak-52 Flights or BAC-167 Strikemaster adventure flights.
    • Australia’s Museum of Flight - Australia Naval Aviation Museum ANAM : Joy ride flights in this famous WW2 Fleet Air Arm naval airbase and HQ.
    • Australian Explorer Tiger Moth Experiences : Tiger Moth joy ride reservations whilst on vacations around Australia.
    • Australian Explorer Historic Plane Experiences : make a secure reservation for your selected Historic Plane Experience.
    • Captain Boggles and the Tiger Moth Company : Fly above Robe (SA) in a pair of vintage Tiger Moths which were used by the RAAF during World War 2.
    • Dakota National Air : Enjoy Champagne and Harbour Lights or Scenic Coastal Flights with Australia's largest Dakota operator with seven DC-3s at the former WW2 Fleet Air Arm and RAAF airbase at Bankstown, southwest of Sydney. Discovery Air Tours is the trading name of Dakota National Air (Aust) PTY Ltd. Learn to fly the Dakota with DC-3 Type Rating Courses.
    • Fly with Smithy : Scenic, charter and training flights in 1944 Tiger Moth around Caloundra in Queensland. 
    • Flying Fighters : Enjoy an adventure flight in a classic warbird in the Archerfield Brisbane area. Simulated combat missions in 5 different types of Military aircraft – including Tiger Moth, L39 Jet, T28 Trojan, T-6 Harvard or the Ryan. Display warbirds include the Russian Spitfire and former fleet Air Arm Sea Fury.
    • Geelong Flight Centre : joy flights and training in two classic Tiger Moths of the Tiger Moth Pty Ltd above around the Geelong and peninsula area, Victoria.
    • Hempels Aviation : Pleasure flights and tours from the historic WW2 Fleet Air Arm and RAAF airbase at Archerfield Brisbane in a Tiger Moth, Yak 52 or Agcat.
    • Shortstop warbird flights : fly a variety of ex-military aircraft in Victoria, including the Tiger Moth, SNJ-5B Harvard, Mig 21 and Iskra" advanced jet trainer  - all available for air experience, training, airshows, corporate events. Scenic flight around Melbourne in the DC-3 "Melbourne's Gooney Bird".
    • Tiger Moth Joy Rides : Fly in the 1931 built Tiger Moth around the Gold Coast City.
    • Tiger Moth Pty Ltd : Fly the Tiger Moth or Grumman Ag-Cat aircraft along Victoria’s surf coast. Tiger Moth Pty Ltd operates in association with Geelong Flight Centre who are based at Geelong airport.
    • Tiger Moth Scenic Flights Of Western Australia : Tiger Moth DX644 scenic flights over Freemantle.
    • Tiger Moth World Adventures : Fly in one of three 1930s Tiger Moths including the unique Tiger Moth Jackeroo or take the 12 Apostles Air Adventure.
    • Vintage Tiger Moth Joy Flights : 1942 ex-RAAF Tiger Moth flights from the historic RAAF William Point Cook Airfield and scenic flights around Melbourne. Extreme aerobatics in our Yak 52 Russian military trainer. 
    • Warbird Adventure Flights : Warbird Adventure Flights at Goolwa Airport and over the Coorong National Park with the unique Nanchang CJ6As fighter plane.
    • Warbird Aviation : flights in t26 Trojan or P51D Mustang from Archerfield, Coolangatta and Maroochydore Airports, Brisbane.
    • Warplanes Down Under : fly in the former RAAF Korean veteran CAC 21 Mk 21 Mustang or the 1942 Wirraway at Caboolture Airfield, Brisbane, Qld.



    • Classic Fighters : Classic Fighters offers you the possibility to fly along in one of our dual-seat aircraft, and experience the thrill of flying a jetfighter. Based at Weelde near Turnhout. Classic Fighters own a former Fleet Air Arm Hawker Hunter PR11 once stationed at Culdrose.
    • Stampe & Vertongen museum : Stampe flight instruction available through Association pilotes Stampe at Antwerp Airport.









    • Classic Wings GmbH : Reserve passenger flights in the classic Soviet biplane Antonov AN 2 Colt. Based at Vreden.


The Netherlands

New Zealand



    • Fly Jets : Arranges flights in a range of military aircraft. Based in an airfield near Moscow.
    • Moscow Aircraft Group : Fly a wide variety of Soviet built military jets. Based near Moscow.
    • Incredible Adventures : MIGs over Moscow – Fly the MiG-25 to the edge of space, or the MiG-29, MiG-25, Su-27, L-39 and more. Fly from the top-secret Zhukovsky Air Base, near Moscow.


South Africa

    • Big Sky Adventures : operates a wide variety of propeller-driven aircraft, with an emphasis on ex-military warbirds spanning nearly seven decades of aviation history. The DH82 Tiger Moth biplane first flew in 1931. Also fly the Boing Stearman, DH Chipmunk, T6 Harvard, Yak-52, Hawker Sea Fury,
    • Incredible Adventures com/Classic jets : Fly an English Electric Lightning T- 5, BAE Buccaneer or Hawker Hunter in Capetown, South Africa.
    • South African Airways Historic Flights: flights in historic aircraft.
    • Springbok Flying Safaris : providing classic propliner voyages in C47 Skytrain (with USAAF WW2 history) throughout Africa, Europe and beyond. Four scheduled itineraries, Southern Circle, Heart of Africa, Ocean to Ocean and Cape to Cairo. Based at historic Rand Airport near Johannesburg.
    • Thunder City Experience : Experience flights in 2 English Electric Lightning, 3 BAe Buccaneer (the last flying Buccaneers in the world) and 7 Hawker Hunter, in the “western world’s largest privately owned collection of ex-combat jets”. Fly in the 1943 SAAF Harvard aerobatic trainer. Based at Capetown.


    • Airforce Center at Ju-Air : online reservations and sightseeing tour vouchers for flights oin one of four Junkers Ju-52 oldtimer aircraft. Based at the Swiss military air base in Dübendorf.



United Kingdom

    • Acorne SportstTial lesson where you have the opportunity to take the controls, or a pleasure flight  in Tiger Moth or a Boeing Stearman at one of over 10 locations nationwide.
    • Air Atlantique : Air Atlantique is Coventry based C47 Dakota fleet available for Passenger & Freight Charters.
    • Blokes only Vintage flights : reservations for Tiger Moth flights around Engalnd(Essex, Northamptonshire, Windsor, Surrey, Berkshire, Yorkshire, Surrey, Northamptonshire, Essex, Leicestershire, Cheshire, Gloucestershire)
    • Plane Sailing and Catalina Society : Catalina Online : ex RCAF Canso A amphibian.
    • Classic Wings - Vintage Pleasure Flights in the Dragon Rapide over Cambridge or London, or flight lessons in the Boeing Stearman or Tiger Moth at Duxford.
    • The Dakota Trust : the living Dakota museum.
    • De Havilland Aviation : Home of the Sea Vixen and Vampire – jet flying lessons and training.
    • Delta Aviation : Flying experience specialists – trial lessons, aerobatics, fly the Classic Tiger Moth.
    • Fly Magic vintage flights : WW2 RAF painted Tiger Moth joy rides taking off from RAF Henlow. Locations Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire, Essex, Berkshire, Surrey and Gloucestershire. Military RAF jet flights also available.
    • GM Marston Ltd : Boeing BT-17 Stearman flights and lessons. Owned and operated flown by GM Marston Ltd at Compton Abbas.
    • Imperial War Museum Duxford: World famous flying museum which includes vintage rides.
    • Jet Provost Club :  Chance for rides and instruction in the Hunting Jet Mk IV Provost in Doncaster.
    • B-17 Preservation Ltd - The 'Sally B' website : flights on the B-17 Flying Fortress available to members at Duxford.
    • Shuttleworth Collection : pleasure flights on vintage aircraft at Old Shuttleworth, Old Warden Park.
    • South Coast Airways : Dakota Flights DC-3. Learn to fly the Dakota with DC-3 Type Rating Courses.
    • Swanton Morley Airfield : aircraft hire including Boeing Stearman Biplane G-NZSS
    • Tigerfly: The World's Smallest Airline! : deHavilland DH-82 Tiger Moth rides
    • Transport Command Ltd : Warbird flying : T6 Harvard flying lessons. Shoreham Airport, West Sussex.

United States of America

    • Adventure seaplanes (MN) : specializes in custom Midwest and Canadian Seaplane, Skiplane, Tailwheel training adventures from the state of 10,000 lakes. located at Surfside Seaplane Base in Lino Lakes Minnesota.
    • Aeroheritage Museum (TX) : Offers trips in historic D-Day veteran 1942 built C-47a Dakota and short flights at BURLESON, TX. She is configured to look like a Vietnam War AC-47 gunship.
    • Arizona Wing Confederate Air Force (AZ) : Rides available in an SNJ Harvard, C-45 Beechcraft Expediter and B-17G “Sentimental Journey”  Flying Fortress. Based at Mesa, Arizona.
    • Barnstorming Adventures Ltd (CA) Fly Five Warbird Adventures in Carlsbad CA with the SNJ T-6 Texan built in 1941, spent most of its career in Pensacola training US Navy and Marine Corps pilots. The aircraft is now painted in US Marine Corps Squadron VMA-331 WW2 colours.
    • Bi-plane Adventures, Inc (GA) : flights over Atlanta in the historic 1941 dated former USN N3N-3 Stearman which saw Navy service in Pensacola during WW2.
    • Biplane Rides (CA) : World-War II  Biplane Adventure with Boeing Stearman or Waco Classic blue biplane.
    • Biplane Rides (FL) : fly in the last flying the 1933 Waco UIC, originally owned by William Randolph Hearst, from St Petersburg to Tampo Bay and South Pasadena, Florida.
    • Biplane Rides over Atlanta.Com (GA) :  Fighter Pilot for a Day in a At-6 Texan/Harvard, Stearman Kaydet trainer or Waco.
    • Barnstorming Adventures, Ltd (CA) : Biplane sightseeing rides, air combat and warbird flights with 1927 and 1929 built Travel Air biplanes, flights in a 1941 North American SNJ and Beechcraft C-45 transport. Based at San Diego, California.
    • Blue Ridge Biplane Rides (VA): battlefield tours and scenic rides in 1942 Waco ZPF-7 at Culpeper Regional Airport, Virginia.
    • Catalina Flying Boats Inc (CA) : Charter one of two DC-3 C47. Daugherty Field Long Beach, CA.
    • Cavanaugh Flight Museum (TX) : offers rides in two warbirds, the N2S-4 Stearman and the AT-6 Texan. Based at Claire Chennault, Addison, TX.
    • Collings Foundation Wings of Freedom (MA) : Wings of Freedom Flight Experience in B-17 Flying Fortress, B-24 Liberator and B-25 Mitchell across USA.   
    • DC-3Net (Academy Airlines, operator of 3 DC-3s) (GA)- Learn to fly the oldest flying Dakota from 1938 with D C-3 Type Rating Courses at Griffin, GA.
    • Dixie Wing Commemorative Air Force (GA) : WWII Aircraft Rides Program includes 1945 dated P-51D "Mustang", WW2 built SBD "Dauntless" veteran of the movie "Midway" and one of only 3 flying!, Fairchild PT-26 "Cornell", Royal Air Force "Expeditor", and SNJ Navy Harvard.  Based at Peachtree City, GA.
    • Dream Flight (CA): Ride in vintage historic 1943 built DC-3, and DC-3 flight training and ground school, at Corona Airport, Corona, California.
    • EAA Aluminium Overcast (WI) : Historic flight experiences in B-17G Flying Fortress “Aluminum Overcast”. EAA Aviation Center, Oshkosh, WI.
    • Fantasy of Flight Museum (FL). Take an open cockpit biplane rides in a 1929 New Standard D-25. Aircraft owned and operated by Rob Lock of Lakeland, Florida
    • Fighter Command WWII Fighter Rides (VA) : Flights in WW II North American AT-6 "Texan" fighter trainer. Front Royal, VA.
    • Flying Tigers Warbird Museum: also provides air rides.
    • Gulf Coast Wing - Commemorative Air Force  (TX) : Gulf Coast Wing Offers Revenue Flights on their WW II B-17 Bomber "Texas Raiders". Gulf coast Wing is based at Field Houston, TX.
    • Heads Up Aerial Adventures (TN) : Ride in 1943 Boeing Stearman Biplane. Flying from the Downtown Island Home Airport in Knoxville, Tennessee.
    • Historic Aircraft Restoration Museum (MO) : Rides are available in a Stearman WWII biplane trainer (or other biplane) and in a North American SNJ-5. Dauster Flying field/Creve Coeur Airport, St. Louis.
    • Incredible Adventures : Range of aviation experiences across USA. The warbird adventure with the veteran US Navy SNJ Harvard at Palomar Airport in Carlsbad, California, the Bi-Plane Adventure at Atlanta Northside Aviation, Inc. terminal at the Cobb County McCollum Airport in Kennesaw, Georgia with veteran aUS Navy trainer N3N-3. The Whole 9 Yards- four flights - 60-minute bi-plane ride with the Stearman., then into a Varga VG-21s to do battle in a dogfight, thirdly a flight in the SNJ Harvard. Finally a coastal patrol flight in The Beech Belle, a C45 transport plane. Flights depart from Palomar Airport in Carlsbad, California. Also links to sopace flight training and cosmonaut adventures.
    • Jet Warbird Training Center (NM) Rides and jet flight training on the L-29, L-39, T-33, Fouga, and MIG-5 at the Jet Warbird Training Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
    • J's Bird (GA) : Flights in a 1952 Canadian Car and Foundry Harvard Mk 4.
    • Kachemak Bay Flying Service (Alaska) - vintage floatplane flights in Homer, Alaska.
    • Lima Lima Flight Team  (IL) : T-34 aerobatic display group which focuses on training and upgrading pilot positions. Based Illinois.
    • M.C. Flyers (FL): Fly a Douglas DC-3A available for instrument and multi-engine training and time building at Daytona Beach Florida.
    • Mid Atlantic Air Museum (PA). Fly the only airworthy former naval aviation Dakota in the world, The US Navy R4D-6 50819.
    • Minnesota Wing Commemorative Air Force (MN) : Minnesota Wing has introduced a B-25 ride program for the general public, flights from Fleming Field.
    • National Capitol Squadron Commemorative Air Force (VA).  National Capitol Squadron offers rides to the public, BT-13 amd L-5 rides.
    • North American Top-Gun (FL) : Fly T-6 Texans in air-to-air combat and dual instruction in “The World War II Fighter Pilot School”. All aircraft paint schemes and markings are authentic to the years in which these aircraft served with the US Army Air Force, US Navy and US Air Force. Air Combat Courses can only be flown at St. Augustine, FL but airtours throughout USA..
    • Olde Thyme Aviation, Inc (WA) -- Old biplane rides in Waco UPF-7 in Seattle, Washington.
    • Parachute Center (CA) : Provides aircraft rides in 1943 Stearman, 1044 P-51 Mustang at Acampo, Ca.
    • PenAir airlines (Alaska) : Alaskan passenger flights in the classic Grumman Goose.
    • The Air Museum “Planes of Fame” (CA) : Orientation flights from P-51 Mustang, P-40 Warhawk, SBD Dauntless, P-38 Lightning, B-25 Mitchell and T-6 Texan. Museum based at China, California.
    • Prairie Aviation Museum (IL) : DC-3 Ground School at Bloomington, IL airport. Type Rating Check Rides in the historic 1942 built DC-3 which saw service in WW2 with the United States Navy at the Norfolk, VA Naval Air Station and Naval Air Station in Jacksonville, FL.
    • Sky Fighters Aerial Combat (CO) : Fly Beech T-34s Fighter Pilot Experience, Warbird Experience or Fighter Ace Program in Englewood, Denver, Colorado.
    • Stallion-51 (FL) : Stallion 51 specializes in Orientation Flights and Checkout Training.  Provides flights in one of three full dual cockpit / dual controlled TF-51 Mustangs. Flights at Kissimmee, FL.
    • Tennessee Warbirds Flying Museum, provides air rides
    • Texas Air Aces (TX): Fly Beech T-34s in mock combat, formation training, aerobatic flights at David W. Hooks Memorial Airport, Houston, Texas.
    • Tom Reilly Flying Tigers Warbird Air Museum (FL): restoration facility which also provide B-25 flights. Kissimmee, FL.
    • Vintage Aircraft Company (CA): warbird rides in North American SNJ-4 (Texan) and biplane rides in the Boeing PT-17 Stearman. Scenic tours of Sonoma Valley, California.
    • Vintage Wings (GA): Vintage Wings is based at Mallards Landing, Georgia (GA4) and offers dual instruction in their 1940 built Piper J-3C-65 Cub.
    • Waldo Wright's Flying Service (FL) : offering affordable rides in original flying circus airplanes including 1929 New Standard D-25. Flights from Lakeland, Florida.
    • Warbird Adventures, Inc. (FL): T-6/SNJ/Harvard Intro Flights and Instruction on one of three historic aircraft, one painted in WWII US Marines markings. Based at Kissimmee, Florida.
    • Warbird Skyventures (TN) : Provides an instructional hands on flying experience in a World War II Warbird - AT-6 Texan and Stearman. Based at Nashville, Tennessee.
    • Yakity Yaks (Oregon) : Nanchang CJ-6 rides and training and sales in Oregon.
    • Yankee Air Museum (MI) : Flight experience in the award winning B-17G Yankee Lady, based at Willow Run Airport, Belleville, MI.


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