The fate of the HMS Vengenance
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Posted by: Uncel Bill
08/14/2006, 06:13:16

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I was watching a program on Discovery Channel about the ship breaking yards at Alang, India. As the program was running, I launched Google Earth on my computer and went searching for an aerial view of the ship breaking yards. After some searching, I found the yards. Floating off-shore, waiting to be scrapped, was unmistakable shape of an aircraft carrier. It measures 690 feet in length and 134 feet at the widest part of the deck. It has an angled deck, and two elevators located along the center line of the ship, one forward of the island, and one astern. You can clearly see that the elevators are in the lowered position.

It you launch Google Earth and navigate to the following coordinates, you will see an image of the carrier sitting in the water just offshore from the Alang shipbreaking yards. It is impossible to tell when the aerial image was taken, as photos of my neighborhood in Los Angeles are over two years old, judging from state of houses under construction nearby.

21 degrees 22 minutes 44.70 seconds North, 72 degrees 10 minutes 37.65 seconds East

I have attached a screen grab I made of the carrier from Google Earth.

Upon some research, I have come to realize that it is the HMS Vengenance, later known as the Minas Gerais after being sold to Brasil. It was briefly placed for sale as scrap on E-bay in December of 2003, but the auction was pulled by E-bay because they do not allow the auction of military equipment.

A sad end for a glorious ship. May she rest in peace.
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