RAF Balado
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Posted by: Brian Redwood
08/19/2006, 10:11:43

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RAF Baldo is an historic site near Kinross in Fife originally with an airfield and used to train hurricane pilots many of which were Polish. Until relatively recently the site has been used as a NATO communication operation with a highly distictive large golf ball structure. This has been decommissioned and has currently been put up for sale by the MOD estates group. I have agreed with the Balado heritage group who would like to retain this site of historical interest and make a heritage centre which would include restoration of military vehicles and battle reenactments. It would be greatly appreciated if you could visit the RAF Balado page and give your support to this worthwhile cause. Time is critical and responses must be made before the 26 August otherwise RAF Balado will become another building site. image
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