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Posted by: David Ikonen
10/05/2006, 16:47:30


My uncle K.E. Evans was tailgunner on the "Good Time Cholly III" B-17 shot down in Feb 1944 and in a POW camp. He was given the crew diary generated during captivity. I saw the book in the '50s. Since then, it has been sold/given to someone for an unknown reason. Lots of graphics, poems, and
personal stuff. Thought that the artist of the group was named Kellogg (maybe). Would like to know the whereabouts of the book and if it was ever published.

3rd Bomb Division Markings
94th BG
Bury St. Edmunds, UK
13 May 1943
Squadron Codes
331 BS - QE
332 BS - XM
333 BS - TS
410 BS - GL

42-30378 (SN)
Boeing B-17F-100-BO "Good Time Cholly III"
94 BG 331 BS (Squadron)
QE-A (code)
Fighters (reason
Braunschweig (mission lon on)

Crash Location Bimolten
162Kms from Wunstorf 415/i5

Lt. Alton. D. Anderson, P,(pilot/crew) Stalag Luft I
Lt. Albert. L. Clapie, CP, Stalag Luft I
Lt. Gordon. J. Feeley, N, Stalag Luft I
Lt. Bernard. L. Barker, B, Stalag Luft I
T/Sgt Lorraine. A. Paxton, RO,
S/Sgt Thomas. A. Mitchell, BT,
T/Sgt Kenneth. N. Estep, TT,
S/Sgt Karl. E. Evans, TG,
S/Sgt Donald. F. Kremper, RW,
S/Sgt Rex. B. Smith, LW,
10POW, MACR 2386

Dave Ikonen
13916 Bunny Lane
Somonauk, IL 60552-3002
Ph. 815-786-6731

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