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Posted by: Lili Leatherby
04/18/2006, 19:30:39

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My husband had 2 heart attacks and a quad bypass a couple of years ago - it is his birthday today and I would love it if any plane enthusiasts out there would e mail him happy birthday - any photos would be great - the more the merrier !! I am trying to build up a file of photographs of planes as a birthday card and I could add any letters and photoes to it.
His fav planes are Grumman and Corsair - hope i've spelt that right - but he loves all planes.
We had our own vegetarian business and were forced out by anti social behaviour. I was attacked in the street and my husband became sick.
A little sunshine at the moment would be appreciated as we have
had a couple of years struggling when he is supposed to avoid stress. We have American friends - and would love to hear from anyone in the States.
E mail us !

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