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FAA attack on Petsamo to assist its ally the Soviet Union, July 1941

A humiliating defeat in the air on 31 July, 1941, when German fighters shot down 15 British aircraft sent out from the carriers Victorious and Furious--with minimal loss by the Lufwaffe. Altogether 25 FAA aircrew were PoWs and 13 killed.

The German attack on the Soviet Union, commenced on 22 June 1941, with Operation Barbarossa. The intended Fleet Air Arm strikes on Petsamo & Kirkenes were decided at the highest level by Winston Churchill himself in an effort to practically support his new found ally, Stalin. The effort was intended to strike at the enemy lines of communications in Northern Norway and Finland. Operation "EF" entailed the passage of the high-speed minelayer, HMS Adventure to Archangel with a large load of mines, while the air groups of the two carriers struck at the presumed concentration of shipping in the two northern ports used by Nazi Gebirgs Korps Norge. The two strikes were from HMS Furious and Victorious on Petsamo and Kirkenes respectively on 30 July 1941.

Strike on Petsamo from HMS Furious
     812 Squadron: 9 Swordfish I TSRs
     817 Squadron: 9 Albacore I TSRs
     800 Squadron: 9 Fulmar II fighters
     880A Flight: 4 Sea Hurricane Ib fighters [Fleet defence]

Strike on Kirkenes from HMS Victorious
     827 Squadron: 12 Albacore I TSRs
     828 Squadron: 9 Albacore I TSRs
     809 Squadron: 12 Fulmar II fighters

The strike was intended to be a surprise attack. However, with the Arctic midnight sun conditions in midsummer surprise of darkness was not possible. The Fleet was sighted by a German shadowing Do-18 shortly before launch. The strike on Petsamo saw HMS Furious dispatch 9 Albacores (817) and 3 Fulmars of 801 sqdn in one sub-flight and 9 Swordfish of 812 sqdn and 3 Fulmars of 801 sqdn in a second sub-flight. In the event, the harbour was virtually empty, and flak was heavy. The aircraft claimed the sinking of a small steamer and the destruction of several jetties.  One Albacore and two Fulmars were lost.

The strike on Kirkenes was a disaster and the Luftwaffe were waiting. The attack on Kirkenes involved HMS Victorious dispatching 12 Albacores from 827 sqdn, eight Albacores from 828 sqdn, and nine Fulmars from 809 sqdn in two sub-flights. The defences were fully alerted, and the Luftwaffe's Bf-109s and Bf-110s were already in the air for aerial defence. The FAA squadrons claimed one 2,000 ton steamer sunk, another set afire, and minor damage ashore, as well as claiming two Bf-109s and one Bf-110 destroyed. Fleet Air Arm losses were severe, totalling eleven Albacores and two Fulmars with eight other Albacores being damaged. For all intents and purposes the entire 827 Albacore Squadron had ceased to exist.

Fleet Air Arm aircrews involved in the
Kirkenes/Petsamo raids


809 sqdn aircrew - Kirkenes strike

2 fulmar crews lost:

 (CO: Lt Cdr VC Grenfell DSO RN)

S-Lt. T. E. Blacklock, RN (P)
Lt. A. T. Easton,RN (O)




S-Lt. R. S .Miller, RN (P)
LA Leslie Ernest Barrow (TAG) 

Miller PoW
LA Barrow recovered dead.



827 squadron aircrew - Kirkenes strike

827 Squadron lost six Albacores (14 PoWs, 5 aircrew killed)

(CO: Lt Cdr JA Stewart-Moore RN)

Lt. H. F. Bond (P), 
Lt. H. H. Bracken (O)
LA E. Lancaster (TAG)

All PoWs



Lt. Maurice George McKendrick, RN (P)
Mid.(A) Eric Arthur Mills, RNVR (O)
LA Frank Sharples (TAG)

All killed



Lt. A. Turnbull, RN
Lt H. K. Serjeant, RN
LA J. W. James (TAG)

All wounded and taken PoW



N4420:4G S
Lt. J. S. Olsen, RN
Sub Lt. A. J. Bolford
LA Harold John Robert Wade (TAG)

Pilot and observer PoWs, TAG killed



Sub Lt. P. J. Greenslade, RN
Sub Lt. W. W. Parsons, RN
LA H. Pickup (TAG) 

All PoWs



Sub Lt. D. Myles, RN
Sub Lt. A. P. Keep, RN
LA H. C. Griffin (TAG)

All PoWs



N4348:4L returned damaged

LA Ernest Percival Fabien (TAG) dead

828 squadron aircrew -Kirkenes strike

828 Squadron lost five Albacores (8 PoW, 7 killed):

(CO: Lt Cdr DE Langmore DSC RN)

Sub Lt.(A) L. E. R. Bellairs
Sub Lt.(A) D. M. Lubbock
LA Cyril Francis Beer, RN (TAG) 

Pilot and observer PoWs. TAG killed



Sub Lt.(A) Donald Richard McKay, RNVR (P)
Sub Lt. John Greves Paton, RNVR (O), LA Dennis William Corner (TAG) 

All killed



Lt.(A) Edward Eryl Hughes-Williams RNVR (P)
Sub Lt.(A) John James Robertson Davies (O)
LA Alfred Fox (TAG)

All killed



Lt. R. Ross-Taylor,
Sub Lt. S. Clayton
LA Lionel William Miles (TAG)

All PoWs



Sub Lt. C. V. Howard
Sub Lt. G. L. Turner
LA D. E. Palmer (TAG) 

All PoWs

800 squadron aircrew - Petsamo strike

800 Squadron lost two Fulmars (4 killed):

(CO: Lt Cdr JAD Wroughton DSC RN)

Fulmar X8624
Sub Lt.(A) Francis John Grandin Gallichan, RN (P)
PO(A) Joseph Foster Black (TAG)

Both killed



Fulmar N4029
Sub Lt. Edward Seymour Burke, RNVR (P)
LA James Beardsley DSM (TAG) 

Both killed. Force landed 6 miles off coast, crew both last seen alive in dinghy. 




817 squadron aircrew - Petsamo strike

817 Squadron lost one Albacore (3 escaped)

(Lt Cdr D Sanderson DSC RN) 





Albacore N4250
Lt. L. H. Lee (P)
Sub Lt. G. Gorrie (O)
LA N. F. Train (TAG) 

Shot down by a Bf-109, the crew escaped and was eventually picked up by the Russians

812 squadron aircrew - Petsamo strike

(CO: Lt Cdr WE Waters DFC RN)

Walthall, LED Lt RN
Waters, WE Lt Cdr DFC RN
Brown, AG PO(A)

Returned to Furious



Wilkinson, P McJ Sub Lt (A) RN
Plummer, LC Sub Lt (A) RN
Kerridge, E L/A

Returned to Furious



Cross, RP Sub Lt (A) RNVR
Cowan, EA L/A

Returned to Furious



Baker-Falkner, RS Lt RN
Phillips, PH Sub Lt (A) RNVR
Gill, DV PO(A)

Returned to Furious



Jones, FL Sub Lt (A) RNVR
Hyde, K Sub Lt (A) RNVR
Whitehouse, AF L/A

Returned to Furious



Heath, EL Sub Lt (A)
Cowsill, GE L/A

Returned to Furious



Maughan, JHD Lt (A) RN
Wild, GF Sub Lt (A) RNVR
Nicholas, PJ L/A

Returned to Furious



Kindell, CJK Lt RN
Edwards, LA Sub Lt RN
Stewart, J L/A

Returned to Furious



Sinclair, JD Sub Lt (A) RNVR
Hovington, KA Sub Lt (A) RNVR
Lock, SW L/A

Returned to Furious



880 sqdn aircrew - Fleet Defence

No aircraft lost

 (CO: Lt Cdr FEC Judd RN)








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 'Fleet Air Arm Aircraft 1939 to 1945'  Published by Air Britain (Historians) Ltd, 1995 ISBN: 0 85130 232 7 

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