List of Fleet Air Arm Honours and Awards 1939-1945
awarded to FAA Personnel

Insignia of MID and Queen's Commendation (in silver)



The insignia was awarded to Officers, Chief Petty Officers, Petty Officers and men of the navy (or army or air force personnel of equal rank) who rendered distinguishing service.

During a campaign, a commander in the field wrote back to his higher authority informing them what was happening - who had attacked who, how many casualties had been received, what was the effect of his latest manoeuvre etc. He also mentioned officers and soldiers who had carried out a gallant action or who rendered distinguished service. To be so mentioned was to have been "Mentioned in Despatches".

The despatches were usually printed in the London Gazette.


Not applicable


Not applicable. The MID emblem was usually worn on one of the medal ribbons that he had been awarded.


Up till the Great War, being mentioned in a despatch did not result in the officer or soldier receiving any visible mark or insignia to show that he had been mentioned. It was only after the end of the Great War that it was decided to issue a small bronze oakleaf to any officer or soldier who had been mentioned in a despatch. 

List of Fleet Air Arm TAG MID recipients

For information on Fleet Air Arm campaign medal rolls and individual awards contact the relevant Armed Services Medal Offices. 

  • Navy: Ministry of Defence, NPP Acs 3 (b) 4, HMS Centurion, Grange Road, Gosport, Hampshire PO13 9XA, UK
  • Royal Air Force: Ministry of Defence, CS Sec 1d, Room F93, Building 256, HQ RAF PTC, RAF Innsworth, Gloucestershire GL3 1EZ, UK
  • Royal Marines: Ministry of Defence, Drafting and Record Office, Royal Marines, HMS Centurion; Grange Road, Gosport, Hampshire PO13 9XA, UK 
  • Merchant Navy: Maritime & Coastguard Agency, Spring Place, 105 Commercial Road, Southampton SO15 1EG. 
Royal Navy Ministry of Defence Website Royal Navy: Sources of Information. Online information: How to obtain Royal Navy Service Records & Medals

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