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Salute to the men
and women of the FAA and

No. 18 Course, No 1 Flying Training School, R.A.F. Netheravon, Wiltshire. 1st April 1941. The names of the individuals seen here are as follows,  Naval Ratings:- Clarke.R.G., Brown.P.A., Penny.A.G., Gardener.R.M., Papworth.O.S., Williams.G.A., Bonnett.A.G., MacQueen.D.J., Costello.A.F.M., King.J.A.,  Dixon.O., Casey.G.R., Helliwell.R.S., Taylor.S.W., Nicolson.A.B., Duncan.T., Blundell.T.H., Buchanan.J.D., Raby.K.A., Platt.D., Woods.A.G., Neal.N.A., Tait.M.C., Muller.D.M., Spalding.G., Fuller.D.A., Horrocks.H., Langshaw.R.W., Barker.R.P., Jacob.B.P.H.. 
Officers:- S/Lt Pardoe-Matthews.P.P. (RNR). Lt Greaves.G.R. (RNR). Lt Nelson-Gracie.P.P. (RM)

By the end of the World War 2 the strength of the Fleet Air Arm was: 59 aircraft carriers, 3,700 aircraft, 72,000 officers and men and 56 air stations all over the world. These pages commemorate those men and women who served with the Fleet Air Arm in 1939-1945.




         - or submit a name for the Roll of Honour lists

Fleet Air Arm Memorial Roll
Memorial Roll of Honour to the Men of the Fleet Air Arm and Commonwealth naval aviation forces killed or missing in action 1939-1945.

Service Records: Directory of FAA Commanding Officers
The most comprehensive internet Directory in the world of all the front line squadron Commanding Officers of the Fleet Air Arm, including British, Australian, Canadian, New Zealand, South African and Dutch officers. The directory includes personnel files and career biographies of key personalities.

Royal Navy Voluntary Reserve (RNVR)
An introduction to the valuable role that the Wavy Navy played during 1939-1945 both on land, sea and air. The directory includes personnel files and career biographies of key personalities.

Service Records:FAA non-commissioned officers & ratings
Introduction to the different Naval aviation related trades including TAGs, Armourers, Fitters etc, details of these trades and contacts to veteran associations, and an Alphabetical Who's Who Directory of notable ground and aircrew NCOs. Includes RAF personnel serving with FAA squadrons.

Service Records: Directory of Fleet Air Arm Test Pilots
Who's Who Directory of Royal Navy FAA personnel involved in test pilot activities with the naval units at the A&AEE, RAF Boscombe Down, the Royal Aircraft Establishment at Farnborough and the naval air test squadrons of the FAA.

Biography of Jeffrey Quill 

Biography of Peter Twiss

Full list [coming soon]

Service Records:Fleet Air Arm Aces
Alphabetical Who's Who Directory of Royal Navy FAA personnel who claimed shooting down enemy aircraft. The list includes British, Dominion and Commonwealth airmen.

Service Records: Flying Marines
Introduction to the history of the Flying Royal Marines of WW2, including lists of the Marines who commanded Royal Navy Fleet air Arm Squadrons 1939-1945

Service Records: Biographies of leading aircrew
Directory of biographies of leading Fleet Air Arm aircrew.

Service Records: Royal Naval Air Station commanders 
Who's Who directory of notable Air Station commanders 1939-1945. Includes RAF personnel.

Service Records: Flag Officer Index

Service Records: Naval Personalities, Admirals of the Fleet 
Who's Who directory of notable naval personalities 1939-1945.

Great RN commanders

Fleet Air Arm Honours and Awards
A-Z Directory of Honours of Awards to Fleet Air Arm personnel winning the VC, DSO, DSC, GC, CGM, BEM, DSM, as well as being Mentioned in Dispatches (MID). 

Fleet Air Arm Prisoners of War (P.O.W.)
FAA men in captivity with Axis forces. Includes information about the camps, the POW Associations and Escaping Societies. 

FAA Ranks and responsibilities
Ranks and responsibilities for Naval aviation aircrew in the Royal Navy and Commonwealth. 

Royal Navy and Naval Aviation Uniforms

         See FAASIG for Uniforms of the Fleet Air Arm In World War Two

Fleet Air Arm training
Information about the training squadrons and instructors, including the BCATP. 

Fleet Air Arm and the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan

Fleet Air Arm Air and Ground Crews
Introduction to the various Branches and expert crew positions held by NCO and ratings 1939-1945, including links to current Veteran Associations.

         RN FAA/RCN Airborne Electronic Sensor Operators AES OP (Canada)  Also see Airborne Electronic Sensor Operators AES OP website

         FAA Aircrewmans Branch successors to the FAA TAG (see the Aircrewmans Association website)

         FAA Aircraft Handlers (Chockheads)(See Aircraft Handlers Association website)

         FAA Telegraphist Air Gunners (see TAG Association webpage)

         Fleet Air Arm Armourers (Bombheads)(See Fleet Air Arm Armourers Association website)

Flying WRENS, the Women's Royal Naval Service
Flying WRENS: Women played an active part in the fight against the Axis forces , not more so than the Women's Royal Naval Service (WRENS) and the Air Transport Auxiliary (ATA) women aircraft ferry pilots. 

Air Transport Auxillary (ATA)
Civilian pilots played an active part in the fight against the Axis forces, not more so than the Air Transport Auxiliary (ATA) men and women aircraft ferry pilots who were instrumental in ensuring that the Fleet Air Arm received its aircraft during wartime. 

Personnel Photograph Gallery
A gallery of photographs and squadron profiles. 

Lost Trails: Contacts and who's where?
Trying to find your old aircrew or an old shipmate -  locator websites to find that missing friend not seen in almost 60 years.

Online Veterans
Webpages about the FAA and RN by the veterans and their families. 

Squadron Associations and Reunions
Details of squadrons associations, including the Fleet Air Arm Association, Fleet Air Arm Officers Association, FAA TAG Association, Battle of Britain Fighter Pilots Association, Arctic Convoy Association   and the British and Commonwealth Air Register

Virtual Library and Autobiographies
Key bibliographic sources. Includes online purchases (coming soon).

Obituaries of Fleet Air Arm personnel
Summaries from the national newspapers of well known Fleet air Arm and naval aviation personnel who served with the Fleet Air Armn 1939-1945.

Maritime Obituaries List.

Personalities in the News
Highlighted news and events.

Discussion groups
Discussion groups and online fora. 

Website Directories and Databases with FAA Personnel information

Service Records
For details of all service records for Royal Navy personnel. Centurion. Naval Pay & Pensions (Accounts), MoD. Ministry of Defence, CS(RM)2A. In both of the above archives, only written enquiries from next-of-kin are accepted, and a search fee is charged. For further details see this summary sheet.

All service records of the officers and men of the Royal Air Force are maintained and stored by the Ministry of Defence. Copies of these records are available only to relatives.

The Royal Navy website
Royal Navy and the Fleet Air Arm squadrons of today with historic profiles.

The Navy Lists
The 1999 Navy List has 9 sections and an index. Section one covers the Royal Family, the Defence Council and the Admiralty Board. Section two lists alphabetically all officers of the RN, Royal Marines, QARNNS, and RFA officers. Section three gives the seniority lists of officers on the Active List for RN, RM and QARNNS. Section four gives key RN personnel, Attaches, and Advisers, including Interpreters. Section five lists ships and units of the Fleet and establishments, plus RFA ships. Section six an alphabetical list of key addresses. Section seven Honorary officers in the Reserve's in alphabetical listing, again covering RN, RM, but including the Sea Cadet Corps and Combined Cadet Force. Section eight gives obituaries and section nine identifies all abbreviations in use in the Navy List.

Commonwealth War Graves Commission -  DEBT OF HONOUR REGISTER:
This Register provides personal and service details and places of commemoration for the 1.7 million members of the Commonwealth forces who died in the First or Second World Wars, including all those who served with the Fleet Air Arm.

Searchable database of 11297 RECORDS by name, rank, date, or by keyword.


For information relating to former members of the Armed Forces of Canada (deceased), the
Personal Records Unit (formerly the Personnel Records Centre) may be reached at:
Personnel Records Unit, RSD, The National Archives, 395 Wellington St, Ottawa, ON, K1A ON3, Canada
The Canadian Virtual War Memorial
This site contains information about the graves and memorials of more than 116,000 Canadians and Newfoundlanders who served valiantly and gave their lives for their country. The site has been expanded to include direct links to the commemorative inscriptions in the electronic versions of Canada's Books of Remembrance.

Canadian Book of Rememberance
The Books of Remembrance contain the names of Canadians who fought in wars and died either during or after them. All the books are kept in the Memorial Chamber located in the Peace Tower on Parliament Hill. The purpose of creating a site that displays these books on the Internet is to make them more accessible to the public.

Canadian Virtual War Memorial with search name registry

Search the Canadian Merchant Navy War Dead Database

The British, Commonwealth & Polish Air 
Services Personnel Archive The Archive is believed to be the world's largest on-government record of air force fatalities. Started in 1984, its purpose is to record and eventually publish details of those who died while serving with the British, Commonwealth & Polish forces.

New Zealand Fighter Pilots Museum

         NZ Memorial Roll This Memorial Roll commemorates the ultimate sacrifice made by nearly 800 New Zealand pilots, air gunners, and navigators who flew fighter aircraft during the world wars of 1914-1918 and 1939-1945.

         NZ Aces List This site is devoted to the 87 pilots who are known to have achieved 'ace' status in World Wars I & II.

Of the 405,399 Americans that lost their lives during World War II, there were 78,976 Missing in Action. Of the remainder the next of kin of 93,242 elected to have their loved ones buried at our cemeteries. The World War II Honor Roll database contains the 172,218 names of those buried at our cemeteries, those Missing in Action and those buried or lost at sea. It does not contain the names of the 233,181 Americans returned to the United States for burial.

German database of German Armed Forces fatalities 
VERMISTEN UND TOTEN DATABANK:  A site listing all the known fatalities and missing person person of the German Armed forces during both World War I and World War II.

Deutsche Dienststelle (WASt) for the notification of next-of-kin of members of the  former German Wehrmacht who were killed in action. The site is a must for anyone tracing freinds or realtives who served in the Wehrmact, Luftwaffe, Kreigmarine or Waffen SS. In excess of 2.100.000 personal files on German naval personnel (Imperial German Navy, forerunner to the Reichsmarine, Reichsmarine, Kriegsmarine, German Minesweeping Service and drafted merchant seamen) for the period 1871-1947. Over 15.000.000 files on German and Austrian forces and their allies who were P.o.Ws. (mainly in French, American and British custody). Release documents on transports (repatriations) from the East. Approximately 1.500.000 files (residue) on foreign P.o.Ws. in German custody.

Extremely detailed website with information on each of the 1354 recipients in the indexes. Details include: Name, Unit, Location of Deed, Campaign, Nationality , Living Recipients, VCs Publicly Displayed, Books, NEW! Relatives Register. includes all FAA, RN, RNVR, RCNVR,  VC winners.

Maritime Obituaries List
Well maintained and up-to-date list and details of obituaries of personnel with Maritime connections, and includes  anumber of FAA, RN and Commonwealth naval aviators. This online list was originally drawn up from February 1996 onwards by Edwin King and Martin Evans as a collation of maritime obituaries appearing in the British press for MARHST-L, the maritime history discussion group.

CANADIAN AIR ACES AND HEROES: Lists 9 air aces with biographies, including Robert Hampton "Hammy" Gray, VC, DSC, RCNVR

BATTLE OF BRITAIN ROLL OF HONOUR: Battle of Britain History Site of the Royal Air Force. Includes the lsit of the 2 main FAA squadrons serving with RAF Fighter Command in 1940 as well as the FAA personnel seconded to RAF squadrons.

The Association of the Officers of the Fleet Air Arm, in London.  Includes a section on History including about all the squadrons of the Fleet Air Arm, with an outline of their Battle honours. 

British And Commonwealth Air Unit Register

Canadian squadrons The squadrons that were part of the RCN, their squadron crests and a synopsis.

The Women's Royal Naval Service (W.R.N.S.) A Celebration of Their Lives, Then and Now. Locate A Wren Board Post a request here to find a friend that you served with in the WRNS. Please be sure to sign up first before you post a message. TIP : When signing up, your user name can not have spaces in it. IMPORTANT: Please use good judgement when posting and replying, and give personal information sparingly.

RCAF Personnel - Honours and Awards -1939-1949
This index is a compilation of some 9,200 awards to roughly 8,300 RCAF personnel, announced between 1940 and 1949, for services during the Second World War. These ranged from the Victoria Cross to Mentions in Despatches and included many foreign decorations.

Rob Davis Web Site - Finding Former Aircrew (Hints And Tips)

Service Pals
Service Pals, here to put you in touch with old pals and comrades from your service days.  If you have served, are serving, are family or friend, these pages are for you. Primarily the site is for Brits, non Brits are welcome to post messages and these messages are flagged by country of origin. Categories include: Royal Navy and the other Services, also Association News and Links.  Fastfind.

Lost Comm's
Welcome to Lost Comm's, the site for helping you "Find Your Forces Friends" from the Army, Navy, Marines and RAF.  The site is a helping hand for you to find and re-establish communications with lost call signs and forces friends from the Army, Navy, Marines, RAF and other associated areas of the forces

Missing you website - regarded as one of the most comprehensive UK missing persons website 
WITH OVER 12000 CURRENT MISSING PERSONS MESSAGES. relevant categories include: Armed Forces, Genealogy, Re-Unions, Bulleting Bopards. The search engine is an ideal way to locate friends for FAA reunions, or to find old forces pals.

Helping US Naval veterans find, locate and get in touch. Old friends and buddies. HAs a searchable People locator database. Also others for Reunions, Organizations, Associations.

Dedicated to the men and women who have shaped our air and space heritage, and to the preservation of their accomplishments.


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