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Fleet Air Arm Photography Archive: The 824 Squadron Fleet AirArm Photography Archive 1939-1944

by Gordon "Knocker" White RNVR Rtd veteran of 824 Naval Air Squadron

Welcome to the Fleet Air Arm Photography Archive. The purpose of this site is to preserve a little bit of history. I wanted to make this site in the memory of the flyers in the fleet air arm that are sadly no longer with us.

The photographs on this website were taken during the time I served as a flyer in 824 squadron aboard the carrier HMS Striker, and towards the end of the war when I served in 816 Squadron.

Many thanks also go to Jack Jarvis, one of my old shipmates, for supplying some of the images and information. Jack served on 824 Squadron both in the Mediterranean, and the western approaches. He was also involved in two Russian convoys, one to Arch-Angel, and the other to Murmansk.

 I hope you enjoy looking at the preserved memories that are here on display as much as I enjoyed creating this archive. Please feel free to forward any comments or suggestions for the site to myself via  or leave a message on the guest book.

Fleet Air Arm Photography Archive
Last viewed: April 2001



This is a new personal site which is intended to support family and friends research. It is
especially valuable for ex-service personnel who,by connecting to the Naval channels and
the Royal British Legion channel, will find valuable information. However, it also acts as
an information base for my old friends or relations. I was born in 1933 and named George William Caton. I joined the Royal Navy at HMS Ganges as a 15 year old on the 5th May 1948. Our first ship. Well we were deposited on HMS Howe as a temporary measure first. Then we joined HMS Unicorn in 1949 to 1951.

The Association was formed in 1988 by Edgar Bosworthick (Boz) a Chief Air Artificer of the Unicorn's first commission. Edgar is also the Secretary of the voluntary committee. There were three commissions, 1943-46; 1949-51; 1951-54 with the addition of HMS/M Unicorn from her commissioning. 

There is only a registration fee of 5.00 sterling; A$13; C$11; NZ$18 + a little for postage, but no annual subscriptions.You will be able to contact almost 300 members when you receive your Nominal Roll.There is also an auxillary list of 160. An Annual Reunion is held at different locations, N.S.E or West to help shipmates to meet. Membership includes FULL [those who served in her], ORDINARY [wives], ASSOCIATE [ anyone who took transit or the relative of a deceased ex-Unicorn or a relation of the member] or HONORARY [anyone who has done a service for and their support of the Association is recognised by its Committee]. 

The HMS Unicorn Association is a member of the Federation of Naval Associates. We have members in Australia and Canada, Tasmania,NZ and have been able to reunite shipmates from 45 to 58 years ago.

For further information/registration please write to the membership/Social secretary - [please enclose S.A.E] Eleanor Bosworthick, 3 Arundel Close, Hemel Hempstead.Herts. HP2 4QR, UK.  Tel: +44 01442 255821 .

HMS Unicorn association website
Last viewed: April 2001


The Airewmen were the successors to the pre-war and wartime Telegraphist Air Gunners (TAGs). It was in early 1974 that the 'Aircrewman Branch' became a reality. If you would like to know more about what the ACA can offer YOU, please contact any of our Air Station reps., CPOACMN Alf Kitwood on 771 Squadron SAR Flight, POACMN Tony Laws on 702 Squadron HQ Flight at Portland or LACMN Rocky Sharp on 819 SAR Flight at Prestwick. Any readers who know of a potential eligible member please let us know by emailing below or through the Membership Secretary, Peter Williams on tel: +44 01752-815396. 

Fleet Air Arm Aircrewmans Association
Email: Email to ACA
Last viewed: April 2001


HMS Ganges Association Global Online Members
This site included a register of '1218' On-Line ex HMS Ganges personnel as of April 2001 including many who served in the Fleet Air Arm, Royal Navy Air Stations or in Aircraft Carriers 1939-1945.

HMS Ganges Association Website 
Last viewed: April 2001

HMS Vincent Members You can Contact by E-mail

HMS Vincent Association Website
Last viewed: April 2001

CANADIAN NAVAL AIR GROUP CNAG All Those Who Were Ever Members - Membership list

& Shearwater Aviation Museum ONLINE E-Mail Directory


CNAG members and their contact addresses
Last viewed: April 2001

ShearwaterAviation museum online members
Last viewed: April 2001

This is a personal home page about my father's Royal Naval career during the Second World War. I realised in 1997 that I knew very little about that period in his life and also discovered that WWII Royal Naval information on the Web was not very comprehensive. I decided, as a result, to put together a site dealing with the ships he was on and to add personal anecdotes as they surfaced from the depths of his memory. This is a period he finds hard to recall; to be honest, I think he has repressed most of the horror. Dad was 80 in December last year.

I encourage others to embark on a similar undertaking as the numbers with first hand experience of this period are ever diminishing.

If anyone can add any details, photos or personal stories on my dad's ships, please e-mail me. Any feedback is appreciated.

Aircraft Carrier. Dad served from 12-05-46 to 25-09-46

The Navy ships of Victor Johns
Last viewed: April 2001

Created: 3-04-2001, Last Modified 3-05-2005


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