Written by Don W.J.Woolman, HMS Tracker crew member.
Foreward by Captain J.H.Huntley.R.N.
Printed in the Tracker Tribune magazine 1945.


This story of the "Tracker has been sent to the Fleet Air Arm Archive as it was written all those years ago, partly because  your Web Site appears to have no knowledge of any of those who served on board, and partly because my Father  was one of them. (we could never get him on a boat again).

Barton Dolding
May 2002


This is your souvenir copy of the Tracker's life to date which I trust will give you pleasure in reading in the future. It could not have been produced without the assistance and permission of Captain       J.H.Huntley, R.N. and it is written by our own Don W.J.Woolman.  With so little time at his disposal he has done a wonderful job. I know that  I'm expressing the whole of the ship's company when I say "Thank you".

Those who assisted in the background are Tel Cyril Claridge [typing] Leading Seaman Clifford Dolding [Covers] to whom I also offer my thanks P/O Wtr H.S.Shields.

Captain J.H.Huntley.R.N.
August 1945


May we all commend Barton for the excellent work and effort he has done to make available this amazing story about HMS Tracker. He spent many hours typing it all onto email for the Fleet Air Arm Archive from the original which as you can imagine was typed by a very old typewriter and is now not in the best condition. Barton, we wish you well.

There are a further Five Tracker Tribunes which are not available online at present.

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