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The FAA Aircraft Home Page provides a comprehensive overview of naval aircraft 1939-1945, including an A-Z Aircraft Directory, Preserved aircraft, Aircraft wrecks and Museum Restorations, Flying and Airworthy Historic FAA Aircraft and Warbirds, Manufacturers, Scale Models, Virtual Aircraft, Biobliographies, and Links to other Sources.

Naval Aircraft Database: Aircraft Profiles 1939-45
The most complete internet Directory and Database in the world of each and every one of the 105 Aircraft used by the Fleet Air Arm in WWII. The directory includes profiles for each of the FAA aircraft, with details of technical specifications, history, battle honours, preservation details, clubs and associations and photographs.

Prototype Aircraft 1939-1945
Information about the aircraft designed for the FAA but which had not seen operational service by 1945.

Fleet Air Arm Air Sea Rescue 1939-1945
Information about the FAA aircrew rescued by land, air and sea 1939-1945.

Captured Fleet Air Arm Aircraft
Information about the aircraft of the FAA captured by the Luftwaffe and Italian forces during 1939-1945.

FAA Aircraft Gallery of Photographs
A gallery of aircraft photographs and aircraft profiles around the world.

FAA Aviation Art Gallery
A gallery of paintings, aircraft profiles and other illustrations. Galleries around the world, including Fairey Swordfish pictures for sale. Aviation art prints from the Fleet Air Arm by aviation and naval artists Ivan Berryman and Randall Wilson, published by Cranston Fine Arts.

FAA Aircraft Gallery of Wartime Colour Photographs

Preserved Naval Aircraft Directory
A complete list of known aircraft types which served with the Fleet Air Arm. The directory includes the aircraft serial numbers, location in museums, status of staic or airworthy condition. Also see the FAA Aircraft database profiles for further details and photographs of individual aircraft types. 

Focuses on the location of the surviving FAA aircraft as well as on aviation archaeology and aircraft wrecks. The FAA Preserved aircraft page lists aircraft types which were used by the FAA as well as listing Museums where they may be found today.  Also in particular look at the:

Airworthy FAA & Naval Aviation Aircraft of the world - Aircraft, Recovery and Restoration Projects : Highlighting activities around the world on Historic Flights, airworthy FAA historic aircraft, and also news of recovery and restoration activities concering Fleet Air Arm aircraft. Includes information about the operators and restorers of historic aircraft and warbirds. Look at the Fleet Air Arm Historic Flight site, the RAF Memorial Flight sites, the Australian Memorial Flight, Canadian Historic Flight, the New Zealand Historic Flight, and South African Historic Flight. 

Historic Aircraft and Warbird Operators

Ride in a Vintage Aircraft in the UK, Commonwealth and around the world

Aircraft Manufacturers and Civilian Contractors
Who built the aircraft? Locations, types and contracts. Index of Manufacturers and Civilian Contractors assembling or repairing Naval aircraft.

Royal Navy and Fleet Air Arm Air Stations
By the end of the World War 2 the strength of the Fleet Air Arm included 56 air stations all over the world. This page lists those Stations used by the Fleet Air Arm 1939-1945 with information about each location.

The Model FAA Aircraft World
An introduction to the world of the model maker, focusing on FAA models and reviews about  them, and where to buy them, as well as links to modeller societies and SIGs. Includes online purchases (coming soon).

Virtual FAA Aircraft and Flight Simulation
Fly your own FAA aircraft. Introducing the world of the Flight Simulator, with links to main websites with over 30000 files. Free downloads of Microsoft Flight Simulator wartime FAA and other WWII Aircraft.

Fleet Air Arm Aircraft Today
Information about the FAA aircraft of today, and links to naval aircraft of the Commonweath .

Aircraft Museums
Information about Aircraft museums. 

Radio, Film, Television and other Media Resources

Aircraft web rings
Highlighted aircraft web rings around the world.

Aircraft in the News: Airshows and Displays
Highlighted news and events including airshows with FAA aircraft.

Website Aircraft Directories and Databases
with Fleet Air Arm aircraft information

Swordfish Heritage Trust information about their FAA aircraft, including aircraft history, technical details and photographs.

Watson's World War II Aircraft Museum. Information is listed by category and country. Categories include bombers and attackers, fighters, carrier-borne aircraft and naval planes, and include information about FAA aircraft. Technical details include profile image, photographs, Aircraft, Year, Engine, Wingspan, Length, Weight, Max. speed, Ceiling, Range, Crew, Payload, Armament.

Includes information for Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Czechoslovakia, France, Germany, Great Britain, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Holland, Poland, romania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, USSR, USA, Yugoslavia. Includes a useful search tool by which most FAA aircraft can be found. Details include colour photographs, aircraft plan, technical data, production information, links. 

Warbirds Le site sur l'aviation de la Seconde guerre mondiale. Ce site contient des images et des informations sur les avions, célèbres ou moins   célèbres, utilisés par les différents protagonistes de la Seconde guerre   mondiale. Ces appareils sont classés selon le théâtre d'opérations auquel ils étaient affectés, soit en Europe, soit dans le Pacifique.

[The complete Encyclopedia of World Aircraft from A to Z]. Includes extensive historical, operational and production details, as well as technical data including for many FAA aircraft.
In russian.

Aerofiles.  Apparently the Internet's most comprehensive all-American aviation historical reference and research site, presently listing more than 10,000 types of US aircraft with their specifications and data, and informative text as found. Site contains information about American built FAA aircraft. A Czech site with information about different military equipment, in both English and Czech. Information includes about British weapons (Czech only) aircraft carriers British WWII´s aircraft.

The Royal Navy. Official website of the Royal Navy. Information on the current Aircraft of the Fleet.

Alex's Royal Navy Page on Aircraft of the Fleet Air Arm since 1945. Includes colour photographs, and technical details.

This site has been created to fill a void on the internet, a web site dedicated solely to the remembrance of the Canada's light fleet aircraft carriers and their aircraft. Information includes Aircraft histories and specifications, Photo galleries, Links and Sources and Acknowledgements. Click on the small aircraft images for the detailed information and photographs. 

FAA Aircraft Index by British

U. S. Naval Aircraft Designations 1939-1945 by Randy Wilson  (Randy Wilson's Aviation History site)

U.S. Navy Aircraft Squadron Designations in WWII (Randy Wilson's Aviation History site)

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