Brewster Bermuda (Brewster SB2A Buccaneer)
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The Brewster Bermuda is the name given by the RAF to the Brewster SB2A. In the US Navy service, the aircraft was the SB2A  "Buccaneer." The Bermuda was not carrier-capable, although it was designed as a dive bomber. It was developed by Brewster in parallel with the Curtiss SB2C Helldiver. The two aircraft looked similar. Handling and production problems caused two years of delay, and the USN had no need for a new dive bomber when the SB2A was finally available. Many were used as target tugs, others were scrapped straight from the production line. A total of 1052 were built.
The Bermuda was supplied for FAA assessment under lend-lease when a small number entered RAF service. Only a few were assessed by the Naval unit in the A&AEE Boscombe Down, the first in January 1943 (FF425). In total only five were tested, four dive bombers and one in target towing configuration.

           Fleet Air Arm history

            Total FAA 1939-1945:        5
            First delivered to RN:         1943. Naval unit in the A&AEE Boscombe Down
            First squadron 1939-1945:   None
            Operational squadron:         None
            Last served with RN           None

Aircraft Type:
Brewster Bermuda SB2A Buccaneer
Primary Role:
dive bomber tests, target towing aircraft
First Flight: 
Date operating with FAA squadrons:
Only tested by A&AEE from 1.1943
Brewster Aeronautical Corp.
Brewster, Johnsville plant 
One Cyclone R-2600-A5B-5 1268kW 
 Wing Span: Length: Height: Wing Area: 
Wing Span: 14.33m Length: 11.94m Height: 4.70m Wing Area: 35.21m2
Empty Weight: Max.Weight:
Empty Weight: 4501kg Max.Weight: 6481kg



Speed: 441km/h
Ceiling: 7590m
Range: 2690km
Armament: eight 0.3" guns (two above the engine, four in the wing, two in the rear cockpit)
A& AEE Boscombe Down
Battle honours:
None with FAA
Additional references and notes:

Battle Honours and Operational History
None with FAA

Surviving aircraft and relics

SB2A Bermuda under restoration

There is only one single surviving Brewster SB2A Bermuda worldwide. The aircraft has been resurrected from a pile of scrap over an 18-year period. It was restored at the Naval Air Warfare Center, Warminster, Pa., USA, site of the former Brewster Aircraft factory. After restoration it was moved in August 1996 by the US Navy to Pensacola, Florida.

Associations and reunions
None known
Brewster Fighter Production, 1939-1942
 Sturtivant, R. & Burrow, M (1995) Fleet Air Arm Aircraft 1939 to1945'  Published by Air Britain (Historians) Ltd, 1995 ISBN: 085130 232 7 
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