Fairey Firefly
Photograph of firefly WB271 of the RNHF in 812 sqdn markings courtesy of the Swordfish HeritageTrust
Fairey Firefly - airworthy examples
Status Civil Registration Nunber Serial Number
Type Markings Owner/Operator Condition/Notes
- WB271 AS.5 Marked as "RN WBB721/204R" painted as "204" in the Korean War markings of 812 Squadron from HMS Glory’s air group. See Historic flight photos  or see alternative photo. Royal Navy Historic Flight (UK)

WB271 entered service with 814 Squadron at RNAS Culdrose in 1949 and then in HMS Vengeance and afterwards to Korea. She was then transferred to the Royal Australian Navy and served in the carrier HMAS ‘Sydney’. Then purchased for £160 by the ship’s company of HMS Victorious and in 1967 presented to the Fleet Air Arm Museum at Yeovilton.In 1972 she was restored to flying condition and joined the Historic Flight. 

Undergoing refurbishment at BAe Dunsfold in 2000.
Z2033 F.1 Painted to represent original colours and name  of DK431 - "Evelyn Tentions" of 1771 Naval Air  Squadron. See photo whilst at Duxford. See close up photo by Paul Nunn

Former 1771 squadron aircraft which also involved in reccos over ther German Battleship Tirpitz in Arctic Norway in 1944. 

FAA Museum (UK)

ex IWM Duxford (UK) transferred 2000 to FAAM
Delivered to RN April 1944. 731 FAA sqdn 1945. Became Swedish Air Services Ltd target towing aircraft 1948-1964. Ex Skyframe Museum 1964.

Airworthy, in storage/static display
VH-NVU WD826 AS Mk.6 Marked as "RAN WD826/245K" Royal Australian Navy Historic Flight, NAS Nowra NSW (Australia) Airworthy
C-GBDG WH632 AS Mk.6 Marked as "RCAF VH142/BD-G".See Museum photos and alternative photos

Colours and markings of 825 (RCN) squadron, which flew Mk 5s from the aircraft carrier HMCS 'Magnificent,' circa 1953. 

Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum, Hamilton, Ontario (Canada)

Ex Camden Air Museum (Australia)


Fairey Firefly - static examples
Status Civil Registration Nunber Serial Number
Type Markings Owner/Operator Condition/Notes
- VH127

Post war aircraft

TT.4 - FAA Museum (UK) Static
- VT409

Post war aircraft

AS.5 - North East Aircraft Museum, Sunderland, Tyne and Wear (UK) Rear fuselage section only 
- WD889

Post war aircraft

AS.5 - North East Aircraft Museum, Sunderland, Tyne and Wear (UK) Front fuselage section only 
- WB440

Post war aircraft

AS.5 - Manchester Air & Space Museum (UK) Static
- WD833

Post war aircraft

AS.6 - Ex Strathalan Collection (UK) Static
- - AS.6 - Royal Naval Aircraft Yard Fleetlands Museum (UK) Major components
SE-CAW PP392 - - Swedish Museum 1964 

Ex Swedish Air Services Ltd target towing aircraft 1958-1964
Delivered to RN in 1945, to 766 FAA sqdn 1945.

- N1840 WD840

post war aircraft

MkV - Lone Star Flight Museum (USA) Static
F6071 (DT989)  FR Mk.1 - Arlanda Aerospace Expo, Board of Civil Aviation, Stockholm (Sweden)

Ex Swedish Air Services Ltd target towng aircraft 1958-1964

Delivered to RN 1944. FAA 766 sqdn 1945.

N833WD WD 833 

Post war aircraft

AS Mk. 6 Marked with original RAN paint "Navy. See photo Firefly for sale 2000 by Courtesy Aircraft Sales (UK)

Ex RAN 1950

- PP462 Mk I Firefly F.R.  See photos from 1999-2000 of restoration. Photo of fuselage. Shearwater Aviation Museum (Canada)

Served with FAA 1945. Served with RCN on the HMCS Warrior 1946-47. Sold to Ethiopia 1953. Returned to Shearwater Nova Scotia in 1994. Named "Elsabeth". See history

Currently under restoration to airworthy condition

Project funded by the Canadian Millenium Partnership program

- WD827

Postwar aircraft

AS6 - Air Museum, Moorabbin (Australia). Acquired 1998 Static
- - - - Indian Naval Air Museum, Dabolim, Goa (India) Static
- - AS.5 - Hare Bay, Nr Jervis Bay, NSW (Australia) Insitu unprotected  wreck
- VX381
Postwar aircraft
AS.5 - Jervis Bay, NSW (Australia)
Based at HMAS Albatross 1956
Insitu unprotected wreck
- - Mk 5 - £18,000 - Firefly Mk 5 for sale 2000 - very last Mk V produced (UK)
Contact Colin
Forward fuselage only
- - Mk 5 - Firefly Mk 5 for sale 2000 (UK)
Contact Colin
Rear fuselage only
- - Mk T.I
- Justinia Co, Johannesburg (South Africa)

Collected in late 1990s from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Ex Swedish air Force, Ex FAA.

Stored - restoration proposed to airworthy condition.
- - FR.I - Justinia Co, Johannesburg (South Africa). 

Collected in late 1990s from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
Ex Swedish Air Force. Ex FAA. 

Stored - proposed to be sold. 
- - - - Asmara, Eritrea - a number of unprotected airframes have been sighted 1999. Ex Swedish Air Force. Ex FAA. Unprotected airframes
- Z1906 Mk I - Firefly of 1771 sqdn crashed Rufford (UK), 28th May 1944 found by Lancashire Aircraft Investigation Team Wrecked items

Associations and reunions

Airworthy Warbirds & Aircraft Worldwide lists of selected Bombers, Fighters, Liaison, Trainers and Transport aircraft. 

The aim of this site is to build up a database with 'all' airworthy Warbirds and those being rebuilt to airworthy condition. Currently the site contains 773 different aircraft and 451 pictures of the aircraft. 

Warbird Alley Specifications about the Firefly including re survivors
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Sturtivant, R. & Burrow, M (1995) 'Fleet Air Arm Aircraft 1939 to 1945'  Published by Air Britain (Historians) Ltd, 1995 ISBN: 085130 232 7 
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