North American B-25 Mitchell

Associations and reunions
Flightline - Preserved US Military Aircraft This list of US military aircraft preserved and displayed was originally compiled by Ben Marselis with input from many others. Our coverage of airworthy warbirds is very limited, since Ben did not cover them in the original list. We have concentrated on those which are often on display rather than personal projects.
Aviation Enthusiast Corner AeroWeb Museum/Aircraft Reference B-25 Page North American B-25 Mitchell  museum locator in USA and Canada only
Warbird Alley Warbird Alley, an online reference source for information about privately-owned, ex-military aircraft. Includes details and specs and a summary total of airworthy aircraft including the Mitchell
Airworthy Bomber Aircraft N-Z in Airworthy Warbirds and Vintage Aircraft  The aim of this page is to build up a database with 'all' airworthy Warbirds and those being rebuilt to airworthy condition. Currently the site contains 773 different aircraft and 451 pictures of the aircraft. 
Das Virtuelle Luftfahrtmuseum Details of preserved B-25 Mitchell aircraft in European museums [in German]
AERO VINTAGE BOOKS B-25s: Where to find them  The Aero Vintage Books online following listing provides information about existing B-25s and where they can be found. The list is organized by country, then by state and city. The status of a particular aircraft, whether on static display, storage, in operational condition, or unrecovered, is noted. The locations given are generally the location of the aircraft, not the owner. The information is gathered from a new book which provides individual aircraft histories providing the complete story of many of these aircraft and includes both information and photos not found in any other volume.
Sturtivant, R. & Burrow, M (1995) 'Fleet Air Arm Aircraft 1939 to 1945'  Published by Air Britain (Historians) Ltd, 1995 ISBN: 085130 232 7 
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