Hawker Hurricane/Sea Hurricane
Hawker Hurricane/Sea Hurricane - Static & Airworthy airframes
Status Civil RegistrationNumber Serial Number
Type Markings Owner/Operator Condition/Notes
- L1592 MkI marked "KW-Z" Science Museum, South Kensington (UK) Static
- "L1592" replica
BAPC No 63
Mk I replica marked "KW-Z" Kent Battle of Britain Museum, Hawkinge (UK) Replica
- L1599 - - Thameside Aviation Museum (UK) Preserved wreck -crash site recovery
- L1679 replica Mk I replica marked JX-G". See photo Tangmere Military Aviation Museum (UK) Replica
- L1685 Mk I - Musee du Souvenir Militaire de Thierache' at
Martigny (France)

Shot down in combat with Bf 110s of I./ZG2 over Brunehamel on 11th May 1940. Wreck recovered.

Preserved components - mainly merlin II engine - crash site recovery
- "L1710" replica
BAPC No 219 
Mk IIc replica marked "AL-D" RAF Biggin Hill (UK) Replica
- P2617 


Mk I marked with RAF roundels on fuselage and wings with serial P2617 and 607 Squadron fuselage code letters "AF-F". See photo RAF Museum, Hendon (UK) Static
- "P2793" replica
Mk I replica marked "SD-M" Eden Camp Modern History  Theme Museum (UK)  Replica
G-ROBT P2902 Mk I - Private, R.A.Roberts, Sudbury (UK) Airworthy
- "P3059" replica
BAPC No 64
Mk I replica marked "SD-N" Kent Battle of Britain Museum, Hawkinge (UK) Replica
- P3158 - Thameside Aviation Museum (UK) Preserved Wreck - crash site recovery
- P3175 Mk I See photo RAF Museum, Hendon (UK) Crash site recovery. Displayed as wreckage. Forward part of airframe, including wing stubs and engine only.
- P3179 Mk I - 43 sqdn aircraft shot down during the Battle of Britain on 30 August 1940 and crashed in a street in Hove, Sussex. Recovered components and body of pilot. Components - crash site remains
- "P3208" replica
BAPC No 63
Mk I replica marked "SD-T" Kent Battle of Britain Museum, Hawkinge (UK) Replica
- P3234 - - Thameside Aviation Museum (UK) Preserved wreck - crash site recovery
- "P3386" replica
BAPC No 218
Mk IIc replica marked "FT-A" RAF Bentley Priory, Stanmore (UK) Replica
- "P3395" 

Really KX829

Mk IV marked "JX-B/ P3395"  Birmingham Museum Of Science &Technology (UK) Static
- "P3554" 
Mk I - Air Defence Collection, Salisbury (UK) Static -Composite
- P3966 - - Thameside Aviation Museum (UK) Preserved wreck - crash site recovery
- V6685 - - Thameside Aviation Museum (UK) Preserved wreck -crash site recovery
- 'V6799' replica

British Aviation Preservation Council Number of

Replica restored as V6799 - Wing Commander KW
Mackenzie DFC,AFC aircraft of 501 Squadron, (County of Gloustershire), at the time of the Battle of Britain in 1940.
Jet Age Museum (Gloucester Aviation Collection), Staverton airport (UK)

external replica built at Pinewood Studios for the
1969 film "Battle of Britain", directed by Guy

- V6995 - - North East Aircraft Museum, Sunderland  (UK)

Crashed in Co. Durham in 1942. 

Preserved wreck - crash site recovery
- V7350 Mk I - Brenzett Aeronautical Museum (UK)  Cockpit only
- "V7467" replica
BAPC No 223
Mk IIc replica marked "LE-D" RAF Coltishall (UK) Replica
- "V7767" replica
BAPC No 72
Replica - Private, Hants (UK) Replica
- Z2389 Mk IIa - Brooklands Museum (UK)

Served in RAF sqdns: 249; 71, 247, 136, and 253. then it was crated and shipped to Russia in April 1942.  There, while serving with the Red Air Force, the Hurricane was shot down over Siberia during a dogfight with two German Messerschmitt Me 109Fs and five Me110 aircraft.  It crash landed on rocky ground in a remote area. Recovered 1996.

Preserved wreck 2000- crash site recovery - to be restored
- Z3150 Mk IIb - Crashed 03.11.41

Crash site 10 miles N of Kielder, Roxburghshire (UK)

In situ fragments
G-BYDL Z5207 Mk IIb "Z5207" Private, R.A.Roberts, Audley End (UK)

Ex RAF and ex Soviet Air Force

G-BWHA Z5053 Mk IIb - Historic Flying Ltd, Audley End (UK) Airworthy
- Z5252 Mk IIb marked "7-L" Private, Cheltenham (UK) Static
G-BKTH Z7015 Sea Hurricane IB painted in Fleet Air Arm 'Operation Pedestal' markings, and code "7-L" "Z7015" Shuttleworth Collection, Duxford (UK)

Ex FAA 880 sqdn 1941, 801 qdn 1942, 759 sqdn 1942-1943.

Airworthy - restored as a joint venture between the Imperial War Museum at Duxford and the Shuttleworth Collection.
G-HURI Z7391

RCAF 5711

Mk XII marked XR-T". colours and serial of a machine from 71 Eagle Sqadron RAF, as a tribute to the American pilots who volunteered for combat service before America officially entered the War. See photo The Fighter Collection, Duxford (UK)

Eastern Air Command served as a part of the Western Hemisphere Operations Organisation (WHOO) until November of 1944 (123, 127 and 129 sqdns)



Sea Hurricane X - Hawker Restorations, Milden (UK)

Ex 759/760 sqdn 1941

Restoring to Airworthiness
- AM280 - Thameside Aviation Museum (UK) Preserved wreck - crash site recovery
G-HURR BE417 Mk XII marked "AE-K" Autokraft Ltd, Brooklands (UK) Airworthy
- "BE421' replica

BAPC No 205

Mk IIc replica marked "XP-G" RAF Museum, Hendon (UK) Replica
- "BH229" Mk IIb marked as "BH229" To New Zealand (UK) Static -Corroded centre section only
- BN205 - - Lancashire Aircraft Investigation Team (UK)

Crashed Burscough 1942

Fragments only
G-BKRE BW853 Sea Hurricane XIIA - Used to re-build BW881 (UK) Static
- BW855 Sea Hurricane IA In Situ wreck

On 19th August 1944 Lt Commander Medd of 731 FAA sdqn was tasked to ferry Sea Hurricane BW855 from RAF Sealand in Cheshire to RNAS East Haven, Angus, Scotland (UK). The aircraft struck high moorland on the Hepple Whitefield Estate breaking up over a large area. In 2000 remains on high moorland above Hepple Whitefield farm - some small pieces of BW855 can still be found. 

In situ remnants
G-KAMM BW881 Sea Hurricane XIIA


- Private, Milden (UK) Airworthy
- KX829 Mk IV - Manchester Museum of Science and Technology (UK) Static
- KZ191 Mk IV - Aerial Museum, North Weald (UK) Static -Frame Only
G-HURY KZ321 Mk IV  marked "JV-N"  The Fighter Collection, Duxford (UK) Airworthy
- LF363 Mk IIc Finished in the colours of No 56(F) Squadron from LF363s time at RAf North Weald in 1940, 'A Phoenix Rising from the Ashes'. Marked as "US-C". See photos and profiles RAF Battle of Britain Memorial Flight (BOBMF) Coningsby (UK)

first flew on 1 Jan 1944, delivered to 5 MU on 28 Jan 1944 and was in continual RAF service from then until the crash landing in 1991. Believed to be the last Hurricane to enter service, the aircraft served with 63, 309 (Polish) and 26 Squadrons before the cessation of hostilities.

Airworthy - from 1998 following  restoration after 1991 crash landing
- LF738


Mk IIc  Markings worn when serving with No 1682 Bomber Defence Training Flight 1944 - codes UH-A and serial LF738. See photo. RAF Aerospace Museum, Cosford (UK) Static
G-BKRE LF751 MKIIc marked as "FT-A BN230" of 43 squadron RAF during the 1942 Dieppe raidoperation Jubilee as flown by Sq Ldr DARG  Le Roy  Du Vivier from Belgium. Spitfire and Hurricane Memorial Museum, RAF Manston, Kent (UK) 

Former Gate Guardian at RAF Bentley Priory (UK)

Restored 1984
G-AMAU PZ865 Mk IIc In recent years, the aircraft carried the desert markings of 261 Squadron as one of the first 12 Hurricanes to be delivered to Malta. Following a major servicing at St Athan over the winter of 1998, the aircraft now wears the colours of No 5 Squadron from its time in South East Asia Command and marked "Q". RAF Battle of Britain Memorial Flight (BOBMF) Coningsby (UK)

The last of 14,533 Hurricanes to be built, and named 'The Last of the Many'. She finished second in the 1950 King's Cup Air Race sponsored by HRH The Princess Margaret (Honorary Air Commodore of RAF Coningsby), and appeared in the film 'Angels One Five'.In 1960s employed by Hawkers as chase plane on development flights involving the P1157 'Kestrel', forerunner of the Harrier.

- LF345 Mk IIc marked as "ML-B LF658" Musée Royal de l'Armée et d'Histoire Militaire, Brussels (Belgium) Static
- HC452 

ex N2394

Mk I - Musée Royal de l'Armée et d'Histoire Militaire, Brussels (Belgium) Static
- 5301 CCF XII - Jack Arnold Museum, ON (Canada) Static -Components
- 5381 CCF XII - Jack Arnold Museum, ON (Canada) Static - Components
- 5389 Mk IIb


See photo Aero Space Museum Association of Calgary, AB (Canada) Static - awaiting restoration 1999/2000
- 5418 CCF XII - Reynolds-Alberta Museum, Wetaskiwin, AB (Canada) Static
- 5447 CCF XII - Private: Harry Whereatt, Saskatchewan(Canada) Static
- 5481 CCF XII RCAF Sandown, Isle of Wight (UK) Static
- 5584 CCF XII - National Aviation Museum, ON (Canada) Static
- 5666 CCF XII - Canadian Museum of Flight, BC (Canada) Static -Frame only
- BW862 Mk II - Canadian Museum of Flight, BC (Canada) Static- Frame only
- BW874 Mk II - Jack Arnold Museum, ON (Canada) Components

Ex. 5377, CF-SMI,5585, G-AWLW,P3985,P3069;

Mk IIb
- Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum, ON (Canada) Airworthy
- AB832 Mk IIb In RIAF markings. See photo Indian Air Force Museum, Palam, New Delhi (India) Static
- Replica
No info
Replica Marked "OK-1" Museum of Transport and Technology, MOTAT (NZ) Replica
ZK-TPK P3351 upgraded in 1941 as DR393 Mk IIA marked in the aircraft's original colours during the Battle of France,as "P3351" of 73 squadron RAF,  1940. See photos. New Zealand Fighter Pilots Museum, Wanaka (New Zealand) 

Restored from wreck near Murmansk, 1994-2000

See history of P3351. Served with 73 squadron in the Battle of France, Dunkirk, Battleof Britain. 32 squadron. To Russia under Lend-Lease in 1942 in convoy PQ16on SS Ocean Voice.Crashed in winter 1943. Recovered in 1991.

Airworthy - restored. First flight 2000
- 591 Mk IIc Marked in Portuguese air force colours as "RV-J 591". See photo Portuguese Air Force Air Museum (Portugal)

Obtained from UKin 1943

- 5285 


Mk IIc Marked "AX-E" National Museum, Bloemfontein (South Africa) Static
ZS-UIP 1024 Mk IIc Private: Paddock, AB & de Villiers AM, Port Elizabeth (South Africa) Airworthy
- LF686 Mk IIc - National Air & Space Museum, DC (Paul E Garber Restoration Facility)(USA) Static- Under long term restoration
- Mk IIa Marked "Z317A?. See photo USAF Museum (USA)

Ex RRS Aviation, TX (USA)

Static -Restored 
- V6??? Mk IIb Finished in Squadron
Leader Stanford Tuck's markings and RAF squadron code "DT-A" and serial V6???. Tuck became one of the leading British aces during the Battle of Britain while flying with the 257 Fighter squadron. See photo.
Cavanaugh Flight Museum, Claire Chennault, Addison, TX (USA)

This Hurricane is owned by RRS Aviation and is on loan to the Cavanaugh Flight Museum.

Built in Canada 1n 1942 at the Fort William plant of the Canadian Car Foundry Company in Ontario. It was assigned to Bagotville, Quebec where it flew patrol missions. The plane crashed in Lake St. Johns, Quebec on March 27, 1944.

Static - restored composite
N68RW CCF-96 Mk IIb - Lone Star Flight Museum (USA) In Nov 2000 - under restoration in Colorado
- 9539 Mk IV - Muzej J.V., Beograd-Zemun (formerYugoslavia) Static
Mk II See photos Adrenalin Group (USA)

Hurricane for sale - recovered from WWII
battle sites in Russia.

Stored wreck
Mk IIb
CCF built
See photos Adrenalin Group (USA)

Hurricane for sale - recovered from WWII
battle sites in Russia.

Stored wreck
CCF built
See photos Adrenalin Group (USA) Hurricane for sale - recovered from WWII
battle sites in Russia.
stored wreck

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