2nd Officer "Puck" Finch-Noyes
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Posted by: Richard Duvall ®
05/27/2006, 16:37:16

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My Grandmother was stationed at HMS Sparrowhawk, Hatston, Orkney, during the war. She was, then, 2nd officer Catherine "Puck" Finch-Noyes. Her first husband, Lt "Ned" Finch-Noyes was shot down and killed over Norway in 1941, and she married my Grandfather, Cmdr "Alf" Duvall 3 days after VJ day.

I would very much like to hear from anyone who can remember her, her first husband or my Grandfather, as it is approaching her 88th birthday and I would like to present her with an album of some kind, with letters from old friends, and/or photographs taken at the time.

Kind regards

Richard Duvall

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