Swordfish lost near Brest
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Posted by: Gildas
09/05/2006, 11:58:43

Hello, dear friends of the Fleet Air Arm

On the North coates flying club pubication Bloodhound site ( http://homepage.ntlworld.com/northcoatesflyingclub/Jun04.pdf#search=%22lofts%20hamilton%20mine%20laying%22), I found something that didnít fit my thoughts.
Would be very interested to learn what you may know about the loss of 812 Sqn Naval Air Sqn Swordfish I S/N : L2748.

The crew was, (info from www.cwgc.org)

Midshipman (A) LOFTS, Peter Newton ( from H.M.S. Daedalus )was 19, Son of Reginald J. Lofts and of Florence A. M. Lofts, of Letchworth, Hertfordshire.
KIA. Buried Plot 40. Row 3. Grave 15 at Brest Kerfautras Cemetery
Sub-Lieutenant (A) HAMILTON, EDWARD MARLOW ( From H.M.S. Daedalus ), was 21, Son of Edward and Margaret Hamilton, of North Shields, Northumberland.
KIA. They were buried at Brest Kerfautras cemetery on 16 December 1940.
The few remains found on the crash site canít identify the aircraft as being a Fairey Swordfish. But among the different accounts I took, relating to this aircrat, one people said that his friendís mother was on her death bed when it crashed. That was verified at the Plouzanť (west of Brest) town hall.
May you confirm the mission was a mine laying one at Brest ?
Would you know the aircraft marking ?
Would you know any relative of these airmen.
Following the recovery of bombs of the 149 Sqn Wellington crahed on this commune on early July 1941, remains, pictures and documentation abouit these two aircraft and crew will be display next Week end. But I wouldnít want to make mistakes...
Many thanks for any help you may provide

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