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Fleet Air Arm Information & Bulletin Board 

A-Z aircraft carriers & other WW2 aircraft carrying ships
The most complete internet Directory in the world of all the 100+ Aircraft Carriers used by the Fleet Air Arm in WWII. By the end of the World War 2 the strength of the Fleet Air Arm was: 59 aircraft carriers all over the world.

Uncompleted Aircraft carriers 1939-1945
Naval aircraft carriers laid down before August 1945 but not yet commissioned by VJ-Day.

RN Aircraft Carriers involved in sinking Axis warships
Directory of Axis warships sunk and links to the accredited squadrons and Aircraft carriers.

RN Aircraft Carriers involved in sinking Axis U-Boats
Directory of Axis U-Boats and submarines sunk and links to the accredited squadrons and Aircraft carriers

RN Aircraft Carriers sunk by U-Boats

Life on board wartime aircraft carriers

The British Pacific Fleet 1945

A-Z of Aircraft Carrying RN & Commonwealth Warships

Aircraft carrier gallery of photographs and naval art 

FAA Archive Naval Art
FAA Wartime colour photographs

Surviving RN Aircraft Carriers, Ships and Wrecks
Focuses on the location of the surviving FAA aircraft carriers and ships as well as on marine archaeology and ship wrecks. 

Preserved Warships of the British Royal Navy (not online April 2001)

Recovery and Restoration Projects
Highlighting activities around the world on recovery and restoration of Aircraft Carriers and Ships used by the Fleet Air Arm. Includes information about the operators and restorers of historic ships and warships.

Ship Yards and Manufacturers
Who built the ships? Locations, types and contracts. 

Ship Breakers and scrapyards
Who scrapped the ships? Locations, and dates. 

Fleet Air Arm Air Sea Rescue 1939-1945
Information about the FAA aircrew rescued by land, air and sea 1939-1945.

The Model Ship World
An introduction to the world of the model maker, focusing on Royal Navy and Commonwealth models and reviews about them, and where to buy them, as well as links to modeller societies and SIGs. Includes online purchases (coming soon). 

International Maritime Modeling Homepage Site dedicated to building steel navy "box-scale" kits plus merchant & sail ships in ANY scale. Features include kit and photoetch database, kit & photoetch reviews, modeling tips & articles, book reviews, maritime history articles & an extensive links page. 

  • Marcle Models Excellent source of card models. Located in UK
  • Naval Base Hobbies Online Resource for Model Shipbuilders
  • Rick's Harley, Model Railroading and R/C Warship Stuff with links to all Large multi-topic site with information on warship and crew organisation sites and information on large-scale radio-controlled warship models.
  • Ship Modelers Mailing List (SMML) One of the premier sources for modeling information, the SMML web site holds not only all the Archives from the free SMML List, but also has kit reviews, hints & tips, ship walk-abouts and various photos of both models and ship details.
  • Spirit Games Great source of all types of non-electronic games and small-scale miniatures to go with them. These include 1:3000 Hood models, and WWII naval rules and board wargames
  • Anchor Supplies Ltd. Genuine.

MB-LTD Shipdrawing Archive Contains overhead and plan-view line drawings of many major combatants of many different navies from Hood's era. 

Virtual Ships and Simulation
Sail your own virtual Royal Navy aircraft carriers, or take off from HMS Hermes in your own virtual FAA aircraft. Introducing the world of the Flight Simulator, with links to main websites with over 30000 files. Free downloads of Microsoft Flight Simulator wartime RN and other ships, FAA and other WWII Aircraft.

  • FREE DOWNLOADS (Microsoft flight Simulator and Combat Flight Simulator compatable)
  • H.M.S. Dreadnought Downloadable, precise model of H.M.S. Dreadnought in 1: 700 scale
  • HMS Rodney Home Page Flight over HMS Rodney (5 secs) 320x240 pixels 842k (MPG)

Warships and Aircraft Carriers of the Royal Navy Today
Information about the warships used by the FAA today, and links to warships of the Commonweath. Royal Navy Today

Key bibliographic sources. Includes online purchases (coming soon).

Associations and reunions
Ship, Aircraft carrier Associations and reunions.

  • The International Naval Research Organization is a non-profit corporation dedicated to the encouragement of the study of naval vessels and their histories, principally in the era of iron and steel warships (about 1860 to date). Its purpose is to provide information and a means of contact for those interested in warships. The principal activity of INRO for the last 35 years has been the publication of a quarterly journal, Warship International
  • Re-Unions - Making Contact Royal Navy Ship Associations by No carrier or squadron or FAA assoc at present. 
  • The 'OLD SHIPS'- CONTACTS Directory. on Axford's abode VERY Extensive A-Z listing. eg 14th CARRIER AIR GROUP 804 & 812 Sqdn's on HM Ships OCEAN, GLORY, THESEUS. 
  • AIRCRAFT CARRIER STUDY GROUP Welcome to the home page of the Aircraft Carrier Study Group, an index, by carrier. The CARRIER CAPSULES are excerpts from postings of the Aircraft Carrier Study Group, a group of enthusiasts who exchange articles and information about all the US aircraft carriers. Readers are encourged to send in one-page articles to 
  • Tracing World War Two Veterans - Website helping people to trace friends and contacts of WWll.
  • White Ensign Fellowship Our aim is to try and put as many old friends back in touch with each other as is humanly possible. Since leaving the Royal Navy many of us have not come into contact with anyone we served with. But with the power of the "Internet" the "Media" and other helpful organisations, we have the technology to do something about it. So regardless of when you were in the "Royal Navy" or "Royal Marines" or the "WRNS" we want to help. From "Lower Deck" to "Admiral" the list is endless and so are the possibilities.

Durness Web site Durness Community has a special relationship with HMS HOOD. Our school children regularly maintain the HOOD stones, written in 1935 by the crew on a visit to Loch Eriboll. Our page on military activity shows the importance the area has to the Royal Navy with the only live bombing range in Europe

Royal Navy/Commonwealth Ship's Badges/Crests & cap tallies 

Ship and Aircraft Carrier Museums
Information about Ship museums and museum ships as well as the: 

Discussion groups
Highlighted news and events.

Ships in the News including Warship visiting ports
Highlighted news and events, including Warship Port visits by Seawaves.

Websites around the world

ROYAL NAVY and WORLD WAR 2- Aircraft Carriers including Fleet, Escort, Merchant Aircraft Carriers & CAM-ships

The Ship Names of the Fleet Air Arm. An inventory of the Seaplane Carriers, Aircraft Carriers and Aviation Support Ships with an outline of their Battle honours. 

Alex's Royal Navy Page Aircraft Carriers of the Royal Navy. Service and class technical details of all RN Aircraft Carriers. Part 1 - 1920-1939 Furious, Hermes, Eagle, Courageous & Ark Royal classes.  Part 2 - 1940-1949 Illustrious, Implacable, Colossus & Majestic classes.  Part 3 - 1950-2000 Audacious, Centaur, Invincible & Ocean classes

HG&UW World Aircraft Carrier Lists And Photo Gallery from 1913 to 2000
The World Aircraft Carriers Lists are a comprehensive, detailed listing of all the world's aircraft carriers and seaplane tenders, from the start of naval aviation into the 21st century. Every carrier and seaplane tender ever built or planned is listed, with complete technical data, historical sketches and photographs for virtually every ship. There are nearly 1000 high-quality photos linked to the espective ship histories. This is perhaps one of the most comprehensive websites for information about the ships used by the Fleet Air Arm and the Commonwealth. Includes a Master list of RN Carriers and an extensive list of links to other web resources. 

Czech based website with carriers from around the world. Information is categorized by country and ship class. Data includes photographs, capacity, handling gear, and engineering notes as well as wartime career details. 

Royal Navy Ships of World War 2: by Andrew Arthur's guide to the Royal Navy of World War 2. A website dedicated to the main classes of Royal Navy warship during the second world war, with information on data, listings, plans and pictures of the ships that fought the War. The site invites all to "Click on the above links to read about the Royal Navy's indestructible armoured carriers, the old and vulnerable conversions or the huge amount of USN transferred and lesser numbers of home-grown". This site is one of the most comprehensive for individual histories and general informtion for each ship as well as provides summaries on Service History and Battle Honours, Air Wings with details about aircraft complements and also techn ical data. large dedicated website with profiles of the Battleships, Carriers and all the warships of the Royal Navy and the World.

Warships on the Web Excellent coverage of all the world's armoured warships. 

This site has been created to fill a void on the internet, a web site dedicated solely to the remembrance of the Canada's light fleet aircraft carriers. Information includes Histories and specifications, Photo galleries, Links and Sources and Acknowledgements. 

Save the Vikrant
Site dedicated to the last of the formaer Royal Navy wartime carriers. The INS Vikrant (ex HMS Hercules) was the fifth ship in a series of six Majestic class light aircraft carriers built for the Royal Navy during the Second World War. Extensive site with information about history, battles, important dates, aircraft, photo gallery and preservation campaign..

HMS GLORY website. Website dedicated to this post war RN aircraft carrier. 

The official web site of the United States Navy. Detailed website with a history of the Aircraft carrier in the USN, including a detailed List of all USN carriers with additional fact files for individual ships.. 

Evolution of Aircraft Carriers (out-of-print monograph downloadable as .pdf files) 

Ship's aircraft  catapults - a history

State of the Russian Navy
Includes index of ship names. Also a brief look at the Russian Aircraft Carrier programme. A cursory overview of the development of Soviet/Russian aircraft carriers, from the Moskva to the Ul'yanovsk. Includes ship silhouettes. 

Sinking warships:Web pages dedicated to photographs of sinking warships

Nihon Kaigun, a site focussing on the WWII-era Imperial Japanese Navy and its aircraft carriers in the Pacific war

La Regia Marina; Directory of names and statistics of the main Italian units

ANPA Warship photos

Military Naval Technology data sheets: a website dedicated to data about the world's navies in WW1 and WW2. Military Naval Technology started by publishing pages with the focus on the German navy and to describe the evolution of naval technology from the beginning of the century to the end of WW II. Datasheets exist for the Allied and Axis counties on the following: Battleships,  Battlecruisers, Aircraft Carriers, Seaplane Tenders, Cruisers, Destroyers, Torpedo Boats, Submarines and    Minor Craft.


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