Escort Carrier

Ex Mormacgulf Ingalls
Ex USS Breton ACV-10
Became Aagtekerk 1948,  E-Yung 1967


Chaser was built in the USA at Pascagoula, Mississippi, where she was laid down as mercantile Mormacgulf Ingalls on 28 June 1941, and launched 19 June 1942. She was purchased by the USN on 9 April 1943 as USS Breton ACV-10, and transferred to the Royal Navy.

HMS Chaser, as part of the "Attacker" Class was one of the second batch of escort carriers built in the USA for the Royal Navy, the lead ship - Attacker - having originally been intended to be one of the "Avenger" Class. They were also the first escort carriers to be ordered after the USA entered the war; the USN kept the other 10 vessels ordered at the same time, as these became the "Bogue" Class. Once the ships were ready for action they soon proved themselves, both as convoy escorts and fighter support ships for amphibious landings.

Chaser's war service included Convoy escort, mainly on Arctic routes. Aircraft from one of her squadrons, 816 squadron, assisted in the sinking of the German submarine U472 on 4 March 1944, and aircraft sank U366 and U973 in the following two days.

Chaser was returned to the USN on 12 May 1946, after which she became mercantile Aagtekerk 1948, and E-Yung 1967. She was scrapped at Kaohsiung in 1972.

Battle Honours
Atlantic 1943, Arctic 1944, Okinawa 1945.

No information on Captains.

Squadrons and Aircraft

FAA squadrons embarked Dates Aircraft type
835 Nov-Dec 1943 Swordfish II
816 Feb-March 1944  Wildcat V
899 Jan-April 1945 Seafire L.III

Associations and Reunions
No information

Carrier name HMS Chaser
Ex Mormacgulf 1941, ex USS Breton ACV-10 (1943)
Became mercantile Aagtekerk 1948, and E-Yung 1967. 
Class Attacker
Type Escort Carrier (US built)
Ships in Class Attacker, Battler, Chaser, Fencer, Hunter, Pursuer, Ravager, Searcher, Stalker, Striker, Tracker
Tonnage Net displacement 9,800 tons, Gross displacement, Load 6,900 tons 
Engines 2 Foster-Wheeler boilers, 2 Westinghouse geared turbines driving 1 shaft at 8500 shp
Speed in Knots 18.5 knots
Armament Gun 1 x 2 x 4" L/50 AA, 4x 2 x 40mm Bofors AA 10-35 x 20mm Oerlikon AA 
Crew Complement 646 Officers & Ratings excluding Air Group
Length (ft/inches) 496
Beam (ft/inches) 69'6''
Draught (ft/inches) 26
Flight Deck length (ft/inches) 480
Flight Deck width (ft/inches) 70
Number of aircraft carried up to 24
Fate of carrier  Scrapped at Kaohsiung 1972

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