Operational History and Background
The squadron officially formed at Quonset Point, USA in April 1943 as a torpedo bomber reconnaissance Avenger squadron, and subsequently embarked on HMS Ravager in July 1943 to the UK.

In December 1943 a fighter flight of 4 Wildcat Vs was added and the squadron embarked on HMS Tracker in January 1944 for Gibraltar convoy duties, and subsequently convoys to Kola Inlet during which U-Boats were sighted and attacked on 6 occasions on the outbound voyage and 2 U-Boats attacked on the return.

Tarpon I (Avenger), JZ217, J*C of 846 squadron attacked and damaged U-355, 1 April 1944
© Scott Fraser

U-Boat U355, was sunk on 1 April, 1944 in the Barents Sea southwest of Bear Island, Norway, by depth charges from an 846 sqdn Avenger aircraft from the escort carrier HMS Tracker and the destroyer HMS Beagle while in pursuit of convoy JW.58.

The squadron disembarked at Limvardy when the ship was damaged in June 1944, joining 15 Group RAF Coastal Command.

GENERAL MOTORS WILDCAT V, JV579 "EF", 846 Sqn RN, Limavady, June 1944 [A0166]

In July 1944, the squadron embarked on HMS Trumpeter for operations off Norway, mine-laying till September 1944, and in December a detachment was formed and transferred to HMS Premier for a few days. The remainder of the squadron operating from HMS Trumpeter or Hatston over the rest of 1944 and into 1945.

The squadron disembarked from HMS Trumpeter for the final time in May 1945, and subsequently the fighter flight was disbanded. After VE Day the rest of the squadron prepared for embarking on HMS Illustrious as part of the 4th Carrier Air Group, but a change of plans led to the squadron becoming a trials unit renumbering as 751 squadron and ceasing to exist at Machrihanish in September 1945.

Battle Honours
Atlantic 1944, Arctic 1944 - 5, Norway 1944 - 5,
Normandy 1944 - 5

Commanding Officers and Squadron Personnel

    • L/C(A) RD Head, DSC, RN March 1943-Oct 1944
    • L/C CLF Webb, RN Oct 1944-May 1945
    • L/C JSL Crabb, RN May 1945-June 1945

    • L/C(A) DJ Bunyan, RNVR 16 June 1945-end of WW2
  • Avenger I April 1943-June 1945
  • Avenger II June 1945-end of WW2
  • Ships and Squadron bases
    To be listed
    The Squadron Today
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    Associations and Reunions

  • 846 Naval Air Squadron (1962) Association
  • Contact: Alan Hensher. Contact details via FAAOA

  • 846 Royal Naval Air Squadron Reunion Association (HMS Albion 1962-64)
  • Contact: Dave Scowen, 34a Louvain Road, Horns Cross, Greenhithe, Kent, DA9 9DZ
    846 squadron today. MOD website
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    Sturtivant, R & Ballance, T  (1994). 'The Squadrons of the Fleet Air Arm' Published by Air Britain (Historians) Ltd, 1994 ISBN: 0 85130 223 8  
    Robert Horsten's FAA
    An A-Z of Aircraft Profiles by FAUCONBERG AEROGRAPHICS including GENERAL MOTORS WILDCAT Mk.V, 852 Squadron, Royal Naval Air Service, H.M.S. Nabob, May 1944 , GENERAL MOTORS WILDCAT Mk. V, 846 Squadron, Royal Naval Air Service, Limavady, County Antrim, June 1944
    The following profiles are offered by Scott Fraser, owner of Tally Ho! decals Tarpon I, JZ217, J*C of 846 squadron attacked and damaged U-355.
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