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The Challenge aims to introduce young people aged 16-18 years  to engineering and how it plays a role in aerospace design and production. 

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Harland & Wolf

and the RN future aircraft carrier (CVF) project 
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The Freinds of HMS Vengeance intend to promote future generations interest in our joint heritage by providing an Business partnership which will provide a foundation both for business and heritage preservation. 


Peter Harbinson
Corporate Communications Manager
Harland and Wolff Group 
Direct Line                  +44 28 90 534102
Fax                            +44 28 90 458515
Mobile                        07710 377062

HMS Vengeance and Harland & Wolff Business Partnership 

The Friends of HMS Vengeance to date is all about partnerships and a major player in the world's industries, Harland & Wolff is being invited to discuss in joining us in saving the VENGEANCE and hopefully assisting in the Vengeance Naval Aviation Heritage Museum venture. 

The shipbuilding company of Harland & Wolff stands on Belfast´s River Lagan, built on land reclaimed from the river. It was one of the largest shipyards in the world. Harland & Wolff's most famous project was the legendary Titanic, her sister ship Olympic and in 1907 saw the launch of two new Cunard ships, Lusitania and her sister Mauretania. The company has been involved in building 14 of our wartime aircraft carriers including HMS Glorious in 1915, HMS Formidable in 1937, HMS Eagle in 1942 and HMS Bulwark in 1944.

Harland & Wolff will also contribute to the future heritage of naval aviation, taking part in the future aircraft carrier (CVF) project of the Royal Navy to build two new carriers. At 40-50,000 tonnes, the two new carriers will be twice the size of the existing Invincible-class carriers, and twice the size of the former HMS Vengeance. BAE Systems leads a team with Harland and Wolff and Rolls Royce which have been awarded contracts by the MoD defence procurement executive to study the three alternative configurations - CTOL, STOVL and STOBAR - and key ship technologies. The prime contractor selection will be made in 2004 with an in-service date of 2012. The second ship should enter service in 2015.
Opportunities for media events

Picture this with sponsorship information as the Vengeance steams back to high profile media in the UK after a 40 year absence. 

Benefits to Companies 

  • To present a showcase centre, through trade shows and exhibitions, for marketing British naval aviation and maritime industries, awareness of the latest products and developments and practical training of the key skills requirements. 
  • Opportunities for high profile media attention.
  • Specialist facilities dedicated to trade, exhibition, conference, heritage or storage facilities, and spacious covered accommodation and extensive open area deck space for high profile media events.
  • To raise the profile of the heritage and community relations of business in order to enrich heritage and business learning. 
  • To contribute to the raising of achievement by employees through work related learning on the Vengeance. 

  • To help promote practical experience of obtaining both academic and vocational qualifications, as well as key and life skills relevant to working with business.

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