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HMS Vengeance as Minas Gerais A-11
`on 22 May 1945, HMS Vengeance set sail from Grand Harbour in Malta to join the British Pacific Fleet in its fight against the Japanese in company with the fleet carriers HMS Venerable and HMS Glory' 
  The Times newspaper in  May 1945


Colossus-Class Light Fleet Carrier

Royal Navy 1944-53

16 November 1942: Keel of HMS Vengeance is laid down and built by Swan Hunter, Wallsend, UK.

23 February 1944: Ship is launched by Mrs.D.W. Boyd. (Wife of Rear Admiral Boyd CB,

16th December 1944: Ship commissioned as HMS Vengeance.

16th December 1944-10th March 1945: First (Home Waters) Commission

12th March 1945-12th August 1946: First Operational Commission leaving Greenock, Scotland for the Mediterranean, and thence to join the British Pacific Fleet. 

1st March 1946: Ship transferring to the East Indies Fleet.

12th August 1946: Ship completed First Commission returning to Gosport, Hampshire. 

1948-49: Undertook an experimental Arctic cruise in 1948-49.

Royal Australian Navy 1952-55

13th November 1952: Loaned and commissioned into the Royal Australian Navy as HMAS Vengeance.

11th March 1953: HMAS Vengeance arrived in Sydney Harbour on 11 March 1953 with a total of 33 new aircraft on board.

Late 1953: Served as training carrier, then a front-line carrier from late 1953.

December 1954: involved in Korean War, ferrying home from Korea of 77 Sqn. RAAF's Meteor fighter squadron.

13th August 1955: Remained with the Royal Australian Navy from 1953 till August 1955. 

Royal Navy 1955-56

13th August 1955: On 13th August 1955, 'Vengeance' was returned to the Royal Navy and reduced to Class 3 Reserve.

Brazilian Navy 1960-2001

13th December 1956: HMS Vengeance was sold to the Brazilian government.

June 1957-December 1960: Refitted at Verolme Dock, Rotterdam with 8.5 degree angled deck. After an extensive re-fit and modifications in Holland, sailed for Brazil.

6 December 1960: Recommissioned as "Minas Gerais", and took up her roll as the Flagship for the Brazilian Navy.

1976-1980: Minas Gerais was overhauled 1976-1980.

1987: Minas Gerais was laid up 1987 due to catapult problems. 

1991-1993: Minas Gerais refitted.

1997: Involved in manoeuvres as an attack carrier with Argentina Naval  Aviation Super Etendards attack planes, ANA Sea Kings & ANA pilots as part of the widening collaboration between Argentina & Brazil.

2001: Minas Gerais down classed to a Helicopter Support Ship in 2001, owing to the Brazilian Navy's purchase of the French Aircraft Carrier "Foch".

Tuesday, 16th October 2001: "Minas Gerais" was de-commissioned by the Brazilian Navy and is currently at the Naval Dockyard at Rio de Janeiro. Moves are afoot by the 'Battle of the Atlantic Memorial Ships' (BAMS) to purchase the "Minas Gerais" from the Brazilian Government and preserve her as a 'floating museum' at the Aeronautica Heritage Centre in Southampton, Hants, UK. The estimated time of arrival back in the U.K., if all goes to plan, is Mid 2002.

Many thanks to the Vengeance information from Ron Davis author of the HMS Vengeance with 1850 and 812 Squadrons website

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