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Purchase Cost in Brazil
The ship has ben sold. Finance is being raised for purchase costs and other initial costs. 

Costs to Safeguard Vengeance

A lay up berth has been arranged in Falmouth and active fund raising is underway to cover this stage of the project. Already prior to the ship coming to the UK various organizations are being invited to support preservation costs alongside a commercial investment arm. The budget for monthly running costs in lay up have been estimated and it is expected to be 12 to 18 months before a long term berth is ready.

Once saved for the nation, from the very first day of operation as a naval aviation museum, the VENGEANCE intends to remain financially self-sufficient as is the existing situation with the preserved aircraft carriers in the USA such as the USS LEXINGTON in Texas.  The museum intends to rely on revenues generated from grants, donations, admissions, ship's store, special events, and commercial partnerships with industry. These revenues should cover all expenses not only to operate and maintain the ship but also to fund all capital improvements as well. 
Donations towards establishing the Vengeance Naval Aviation Heritage Museum

We need to secure immediately finance towards the Save the Vengeance Appeal, leaving further funding in the short-term to establish the Museum. We are confident that, with help, this gap can be closed. If you would like to support Vengeance Naval Aviation Heritage Museum and the Appeal to bring this historic ship back to the UK, please contact us. Email:

The Save the Vengeance Appeal has directed that we ask for volunteers who have served onboard VENGEANCE, live within driving distance of her berth and are willing to assist in our day to day operations. Email the address below and tell us what you can do, what you want to do and if you have a few hours to spare!

We need your help please donate or volunteer today. Contact us

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