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The Challenge aims to introduce young people aged 16-18 years  to engineering and how it plays a role in aerospace design and production. 

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The History Channel

Save Our History™ of the History Channel 

This national campaign gets students and their communities directly involved in preservation projects using original documentaries, teacher's materials, and Web site activities.

The Save the Vengeance Appeal intends to promote future generations interest in our joint heritage by providing an educational partnership which will provide a foundation both for training leading to employment and for further and higher education in aerospace, naval and maritime industries, information technology and heritage related businesses.

Our Education Mission
The Save the Vengeance Appeal is committed to reinvesting in our national community. We have chosen to contribute our unique resources toward enhancing education at the local and national level. 

We believe that an educated, involved, and informed public is critical to our country's future. For that reason, we are developing heritage, business and education partnerships with HMS Vengeance, involving a variety of educational programmes for communities across the country, ranging from history, leisure & tourism, to engineering, information technology, oceanography, arts and literature. 

HMS Vengeance and Education and Business Partnerships (EBPs)
Education and Business Partnerships (EBPs) are a local resource for schools, colleges and employers. There are over 150 EBPs in England and Wales, and 18 in Northern Ireland. 
By promoting Education and Business Partnerships with the longterm safeguarding of HMS Vengeance we intend:

  • To help improve student and teacher awareness of the world of work and the key skills requirements. 
  • To raise the profile of the 'work related curriculum' with teachers in order to enrich student learning. 
  • To contribute to the raising of achievement by students through work related learning. 
  • To help motivate students to see the value of lifelong learning, and of obtaining both academic and vocational qualifications, as well as key and life skills.
  • Education/Business Partnership activities relate to all levels of education. 
The Save the Vengeance Appeal is proposing to develop Education and Business Partnerships in association with the preserved HMS Vengeance. Proposed activities may include:

Work Experience

Every Student is entitled to one week’s experience, as 'a placement on an employer’s premises' during their last compulsory year at school. The pupil carries out a particular task or duty, more    or less as would an employee, but with an emphasis on the learning aspects of the experience’ (DfEE 1996). By undertaking short placements on the Vengeance when she becomes a museum thestudent will have the opportunity to explore an exciting new world. 

    • Confidence building
    • Understanding the world of work, e.g. dress, behaviour
    • Understanding relationships at work
    • Developing students health and safety awareness
    • Contribute to the development of key skills in young people, e.g. communication, numeracy
Teacher Placement

A placement involves a teacher working in a business environment for a short time with clearly negotiated objectives. The length of each placement is flexible according to the objectives of the teacher and the opportunities available in the company. Opportunities will be explored for teachers either working directly on the heritage aspect of HMS Vengeance when she is safeguarded, or with businesses affiliated with the ship. 

Benefits to teachers:
    • Develop relevant learning opportunities for young people
    • Update skills and knowledge
    • Enhance economic and industrial understanding 
    • Establish  partnership with local  companies 
    • Promote a better undersatnfing of education and industry
    • Acquire a different prespective on management issues 
    • Inform careers education and guidance 

    Benefits to Companies :

    • Sharing of ideas and expertise
    • Better understanding of the world of education
    • Staff development
    • Improved business image
    • Increased business activity
GNVQ Support - Preparing Young People For The Workplace
General National Vocational Qualifications (GNVQs) are designed to provide a broad education as a foundation both for training leading to employment and for further and higher education. The Save the Vengeance Appeal intends to promote future generations interest in our joint heritage by providing an educational patrnership which will provide a foundation both for training leading to employment and for further and higher education in aerospace, naval and maritime industries, information technology and heritage businesses. They cover a broad range of occupational areas. The emphasis is on acquiring skills, as well gaining the necessary background knowledge. The aim of the Save the Vengeance Appeal in organising GNVQ work placements and other activities in association with aerospace, naval and maritime industries and IT companies is to support students in achieving elements of their studies. Students with GNVQs already receive an excellent grounding in a number of the firms in the Southampton - Portsmouth area on which employers can then build with their own training schemes. With the added spectacular environment of working onboard a wartime ship we hope this will foster greater interst and appeal in the workplace. Just a few hours contribution can substantially enrich local students’ knowledge and put what they are learning into a practical context.
  • GNVQ Support Involves:
  • Professional support and advice from business.
  • GNVQ work placements and work shadowing at local companies.
  • Visits for teachers and student groups.
  • Presentations and running workshops and seminars.
  • Supplying materials and resources.
    • Benefits to Students:
      • Opportunities for students to gain experience in key skills, e.g. communication, application of number, information technology and problem solving.
      • Greater understanding of the world of work.
      Benefits to Companies:
      • Opportunity to contribute to the development of the workforce of the future.
      • Personal and professional development of their staff.
      • Development of coaching, mentoring and communication skills.
      • Improve company profile and increase goodwill within the community.
      • Identification of potential recruits to their company.

    Curriculum Support

    Curriculum support projects allow students to learn through links with business. 
    Business may support the curriculum through the production of resource packs or they may develop projects with local schools with a clear business or industry focus, which can be integrated into the specific curriculum area. The Save the Vengeance Appeal believes it is in a unique position to promote not just heritage related curriculum support, but in partnership with business will also be able to focus on science, engineering and IT amongst others.

    Curriculum Support Involves:

    • Identification of curricular need, working in partnership with the local EBP, teachers and business.
    • Planning and development of the project.
    • Company staff and school resources.
    Benefits to students:
      • Increased motivation.
      • Access to additional resources.
      • Enriched methods of learning.
      • Greater understanding of the world of work.
    Benefits to Companies:
      • Staff development.
      • Positive public relations.
      • Increased awareness of their area of business.
      • Greater awareness of young people and the education curriculum.

      • Access to potential recruits.

    Further information about the National EBP Network and current contact details for local EBPs are available from the Membership Secretary NEBPN as follows:-

          From January 1999:

          Sandra Wooledge
          National EBP Network
          c/o GlaxoSmithKline
          11 Stoke Poges Lane
          Berks SL1 3NW

          Tel: 01753 502370
          Fax: 01753 502022

          Hampshire Education Business Partnership

          European Social Fund Regional Development Plan

             The revised European Social Fund (ESF) Regional Development Plan for the South East
             runs from 2002 to the end of 2003. ESF is the European fund for supporting improvements
             in education, training and employment and is of primary importance in achieving a skilled 
             and knowledgeable workforce. For detailed enquiries on how to access this fund 
             please contact the Government Office for the South East

         Also see the following websites
          Department of Education and Skills
          South East England Development Agency (SEEDA)

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