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History of the ship as HMS Vengeance with the Royal Navy


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History of the ship as HMAS Vengeance with the Royal Australian Navy


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HMS Vengeance Association reunion, Novatel, Nottingham, April 2002
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Vice Admiral Sir Peter Compston
(Filed: 04/09/2000) 

The Telegraph Newspaper

VICE ADMIRAL SIR PETER COMPSTON, who has died aged 84, was appointed in October 1944, to the carrier Vengeance. He was on board for her commissioning in January 1945 and her trials but did not go out in her to join the British Pacific Fleet. Instead, he went to HMS Flycatcher, at Middle Wallop, to organise the establishment of Mobile Naval Air Bases (MONABs) in support of the British Pacific Fleet. 

He joined the Fleet Air Arm in 1938. In February 1942 he took command of 700 squadron's flight of Walrus amphibians in the battleship Anson, flagship of the 2nd Battle Squadron, Home Fleet, providing "deep field" support for the Arctic convoys.

In 1943 Compston went to HMS Cormorant II, at North Front airfield, Gibraltar, which provided a transit base and aircraft support for the amphibious landings in the Mediterranean in 1943 and 1944. His next appointment, in October 1944, was to the carrier Vengeance.

In retirement, Compston was Life Vice President of the RNLI and proved to be one of the most successful fund-raisers in their history.

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