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History of the ship as HMS Vengeance with the Royal Navy


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History of the ship as HMAS Vengeance with the Royal Australian Navy


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HMS Vengeance Association reunion, Novatel, Nottingham, April 2002
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Vice Admiral Sir Donald Gibson
(Filed: 04/09/2000) 

The Telegraph Newspaper

VICE-ADMIRAL SIR DONALD GIBSON, who has died aged 84, was one of the best, and the luckiest, Fleet Air Arm pilots of the Second World War being ashore when his ship, the Glorious was sunk off Norway in 1940.

In March 1949, when he commanded the 17th Carrier Air Group, he was flying a Hawker Sea Fury fighter over the Channel, leading some 60 aircraft from Theseus, Vengeance and Implacable on an exercise strike, when his engine stopped. He decided to ditch, hit the sea, struggled to get out of the cockpit, felt a violent wrench on his left shoulder and then "peace, perfect peace". Apparently, his parachute had opened underwater and plucked him out of the sinking aircraft.

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